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 9/9/2013 7:03:08 PM  


Almost all goals accomplished so far! Mom and I pulled a switcheroo after Caldwell in August, and I got to get on Daisy for our last two circuit rodeos at Tehachapi and Norco. We got a little out of the first and then Daisy came through in a big way at Norco to cinch our berth to Lancaster for our first ever California Circuit Finals. Mom had it made already but went ahead and got two checks also aboard Rose. It will be so fun to be there together.

While Daisy was batting clean up for me, she won second at the Sonoita GCPRA rodeo as well, again ensuring that I will be competing at their finals down the road in Fort Mohave in November. Mom was winning the year end aboard Daisy so she has been busy this summer. What a good girl!

Rose is back in training with Mom and really getting back to the basics. She's been needing this and it showed when she and Mom won the Red White and Blue barrel race in Las Vegas last weekend. Looking great!

Excited for the upcoming finals everywhere and for the fall weather that is already invading. Can't believe all the rain!

Remember, you can keep up with us on Facebook also, Team Lautaret.

Happy Fall, jolee


 7/30/2013 10:47:48 PM  


So good-bye July! You weren't very nice to us!

Actually, we closed out the month with some checks on the final weekend. Mom and Daisy took two holes at the Durango GCPRA rodeo and also placed at Monte Vista, Colorado, the pro rodeo. Rose and I eeked out a check at Durango as well but a barrel penalty cost us money at MV.

Salinas was fun as it always is. Mom won dough during the first go but had a bad slip in the third round that kept her from running in the finals. What a bummer! Ground was fine, just one of those unlucky things.

On the more positive side, ProRodeo Live broadcast for the first time from Salinas and it was the first broadcast on Sirius XM's new channel, RuralRadio. It's channel 80 for those with a satellite radio. I got to help out with the barrel race and some pre-rodeo interviews. Thanks as always to Steve Kenyon for the opportunity and to Wade Wheatley, the other third of the team in Salinas. It's always fun to work with you guys!

Once again, we are home for about ten days and I will surely be ready to get back to the road to get rested! It's always so busy at home, so much to do and so little time. Fix this, ride colts, run, run, run! Still good to be in your own bed and eating home cooked food though.

We have Santa Barbara this week before our final rodeo road trip next week to Idaho and Utah. We are still chasing California Circuit Finals and All American ProRodeo Finals qualifications. Mom is very solid in the CA standings but with all the trouble in Salinas, I have slipped to 13th. They only take 12 so I need to win something this weekend. After this, we have two more chances at Tehachapi and Norco.

Looking forward to a new month, a chance to work on new monthly goals. Despite the tribulations in the rodeo arena, we are so blessed and have so many great possibilities in the works. Can't wait to see what happens next.

take care, jolee



 7/11/2013 10:32:07 PM  


One thing I will say for sure -- the rodeo road is never dull! Our Fourth was not at all what we were hoping for as Mom and Daisy didn't get to run anywhere and Rose and Jolee only made two runs. We had some issues, working and hoping to resolve them before the California Rodeo Salinas, one of our favorites! Fingers crossed for some good luck as we take a week off to re-group.

With the Fourth being what it was, our summer has been completely re-thought so probably not going to go hard from here on out. Our goal of making the California Circuit Finals is still going, Mom is currently seventh and I am 11th. In addition to Salinas, we will be making our first ever trip to the Santa Barbara rodeo in August along with Norco and Tehachapi. One can certainly do worse than a trip to the coast in August when the temps are over 100 at home!

Another goal is to get both of us qualified to the All American Finals. Mom has been in each of the last two years but we are hoping to compete together this time around. Contestants have to go to 30 rodeos so we will be working to make our count during August and hoping to move up into the top 30 with a few more good wins.

Time at home is great but always so busy! Hope to get back to the road so we can rest!!! Best of luck to all the competitors as the summer run hits its peak; so many ladies are on the road hard, striving to make the WNFR. Safe travels to them all.

Take care, jolee


 6/11/2013 1:51:16 PM  


It's been a long spring run since our last update. For those of you on Facebook, we have a page for Team Lautaret where we are updating more frequently with our results as well as those of our students.

Just finished out a great weekend! We won first and second at the pro rodeo at Silver City, which has always been one of our favorites. That was such a blast, truly just what we work for -- days like that. Both girls worked amazing!

Then we headed to Glennville, California. Daisy and Mom have won and been second here in the last two years so we figured we better head back. Plus, it's right up the road from our dear friend Nina Dunn and her family. So we get to visit and run barrels, what's better?

We hit the jackpot on Saturday night and Mom won it on Daisy while Rose and I were third. We are also hauling our friend Betty who is riding our palomino mare Baby. We are having so much fun together; what a treat to do what you love doing with great friends and family.

Daisy continued to shine on Sunday at the rodeo, taking home second place. Rose and Jolee got out of there with an eighth place check, and happy to have it after a couple of mistakes in the run.

Daisy is really on a roll, having won third at Santa Maria last weekend and taking a pair of checks during our last run in California. She really loves the performances and we are blessed to be drawing them in the next few weeks. 

With the extra weekend in June this year, things are drawn out a bit, seems like Reno should already be here but we actually have two weeks still to go until our scheduled competition. We can't wait to get there with the way the girls are working.

In the meantime, been getting some time at home which is always nice. Busy . . .  but nice!

We went a couple of weeks back to the NBHA SuperShow at the South Point in Vegas. We were so proud of our friends and students who did well there. They all showed great improvement and we are so thrilled to see them excel. Maggie Aiello, who bought Sophie from us, won the 2D saddle as well as winning the 2D on Saturday in the big race so she gets the headline this week! :-) They all did well!

Well, the heat is upon us and we are looking forward to heading north to escape a bit! We aren't planning a crazy Fourth of July but will be hitting a handful of rodeos . . . just hoping to keep improving and making money.

Take care, jolee


 2/28/2013 10:23:53 PM  


Tucson Short Go -- wow, we almost blew away! I don't know if Rose or her jockey was more tired of the wind by the time we ran! With the wind gusting at like 30 mph, we ran last of the 12 ladies in the short go and didn't have as good a run as we wanted but still very proud of Rose for making the finals. Tucson is really a tough rodeo -- I love it because it is so challenging. There really isn't anything like it out there. Not only is the arena huge, with no walls or fences anywhere close, but the ground is kind of different. Truly, it takes a special horse to work in those conditions and I couldn't be happier to end up 7th in the average.

It was really special because this was Rose's first rodeo last year . . . and her third or fourth competition run, period. She did great last year but to come back and make the finals here was just wonderful. And we won a bunch too, yahoo!

Mom and I both ended up in the money at Buckeye too so it was a really nice week for Team Lautaret and the Flower Power girls. Glad to do so well.

Next up is the Avi Stampede in Fort Mohave and Parada del Sol in Scottsdale. It's a nice run, with Avi indoors and Scottsdale covered. They got 143 barrel racers at each! Should pay awesome if we can make our runs. Looking forward to the challenge. We run at both on Saturday, Avi in the slack in the morning and Scottsdale that night.

We had the opportunity to attend Roy and Virginia Honeycutt's 50th Anniversary party this week. So honored to be a part of such a special moment. Thanks to the Honeycutts for inviting us and for throwing such a great party. With my own wedding just a few weeks away, it make me feel good to listen to the stories of a couple who has made such a great life together and has such a wonderful family.  Congrats and thanks!

Well, another busy week of wedding plans and rodeo preparations. This weekend is our last rodeos until April because of the wedding on the 23rd. Looking forward to an amazing month. :-)

Take care everyone! jolee


 2/22/2013 11:53:28 PM  


Well, we survived our Texas trip but didn't have much luck at the rodeos. Neither of us did well at Fort Worth, then both our horses bounced back and worked good at Jackson. Rose ran one one-hundredth of a second out of the money!

San Angelo wasn't good to us either but we did squeeze in some jackpots and the young ones did very well. Mayday, Belle's little sister, missed an arena record in Santo by one one-thousandth of a second! It was a great run, fun to watch. Bunny got her first three jackpots under her belt and ran in the 3D on all of them. Proud of her, she is entered for the Dixie Classic Futurity and should be good in the 2D/3D. 

We got a couple of days at home before heading to Tucson. Rose worked awesome there. We are currently sitting second in the average with one more set of 12 ladies before Sunday's short round. Rose ran fifth in the first go and is sitting fifth in the second so far. So proud of her, Tucson is really a tough pen . . . ground is kinda different and their are no walls or fences within a country mile of the barrels. She did great. 

Daisy worked good on the second run, sitting one out of the money. Starting to look like herself again though, it's been a long road back from all the trials and injuries last year.

Mom and I have always been blessed at Tucson; think one or the other of us has made the short go almost every time we've been. Never made it together though . . . last time we were close, Mom bumped me to 13th on the final run of the long rounds! LOL Thank goodness we keep in all in the truck. :-)

We also ran at Buckeye in the slack this week. What a tough little rodeo with 140 barrel racers entered up! Our girls worked awesome. Sitting 6th and 10th after the slack. Got a little deep but our girls tried really hard and did well. There was only one faster time than us in the 50+ who followed us so we were happy with the Flower Power girls.

So, Tucson finals on Sunday then next week Scottsdale and Fort Mohave. Love this little run close to home. After that we are off the rest of March. I am getting married on the 23rd, so excited and blessed there. Looking forward to a fun ceremony and nice little honeymoon before the spring run gets all of us crazy busy.

Well, updates coming Monday! Have a great weekend! jolee


 1/26/2013 12:32:49 AM  


Jackpotting is done, time to rodeo! We finished up the final weekend in Buckeye, the Pac West 3 Drum Classic. Rose did very well, finishing fourth in the average after posting a 17.18 and a 17.08 on her two runs! She did awesome. Mom and Daisy just missed a check Sunday with their 17.3 and got a barrel in round two to get a nice 1D check.

The girls worked great all three weekends and we are so proud of them. Think they are ready to hit the rodeo trail.

We start next week at Fort Worth. We have also scheduled Jackson, Mississippi and San Angelo before we head back for Tucson. Go Flower Power!

We'll give you updates from the road, thanks to everyone for their support!!!


 1/14/2013 9:51:03 PM  


Happy New Year, just a little late! I am not sure where the time gets to but we sure seem to stay busy.

Had a great time at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this year. Big thanks to Steve Kenyon, Freya Walton and Wade Wheatley for welcoming me to the Pro Rodeo Live broadcast team. I had so much fun and was so honored to be a part of the group that brings the rodeo to the radio. Be sure to check them out during the year, www.prorodeolive.com as they broadcast various rodeos throughout the year. Remember you can listen via your smartphone or tablet if you download the Live 365 app and search the radio stations for Pro Rodeo Live.

The new year has been good to us on the road. We have only been to two races, the BRN4D productions at Buckeye, Arizona but our horses have worked great and we are on a roll. Mom and Daisy have placed on every run so far and Rose has picked up a derby check at the Greg Olson and several 1D checks too! Think we will be ready when we head on the rodeo trail, beginning at Fort Worth . . .  can't wait!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is ready to go once again. May your 2013 be blessed!

take care, jolee


 8/20/2012 7:56:37 PM  


Home again! Our summer trip was more trials than triumphs but we enjoyed the time out on the road again and learned a lot about our horses. With young ones, it does take some time to get them used to the road and to learn their tics and habits.

Mom and Daisy made a lot of really nice runs and we came home with her sitting good in the All American standings once again. We are hoping she will hold in there and qualify once again to the finals in October. The cut-off is September 10 so we'll just have to see how it goes.

We ran the babies the last week out and had some ups-and-downs. Mom rode Rose a few times and had a scary moment our last run at Payson. For some reason, Rose missed the alley and turned down the bucking chutes to stop after the run. She hit the hard ground there and lost her footing, going over backwards and throwing Mom down hard. Both the "crash victims" are pretty sore today but looks like no major damage was done. Thank God for that. Kinda a bad way to end our summer but at least everyone is OK.

At any rate, it's nice to be home for a little bit. We missed it! Back on the trail in about a month for the Fizz Bomb Futurity for Rose and Mayday, and then our good run of rodeos around the house to close out September. October will be busy with our circuit finals, hopefully the All American Finals and the WPRA Finals. What a year!

Take care, hope everyone enjoys the final weeks of summer.



 7/12/2012 11:13:46 PM  


Off and running on our long summer trip! Everyone is rested up and ready to roll. We are looking forward to the opportunities presented to us this year and hoping for the best. More to come soon!

Here's hoping everyone else is enjoying their summer too. take care, jolee


 7/3/2012 11:42:24 PM  


Well, we had a different Fourth of July than expected. After an awesome week where Mom placed at three of four rodeos, including making the short round at Reno, we were headed to Pecos and on to our Fourth of July run when we hit a setback. Mom suffered a couple of seizures while riding in the truck. Though she had an ambulance and helicopter ride back to Kingman to the hospital, thank God there were no major health issues with which to deal. A perfect storm of smaller things led to the episode, all preventable in the future. We are so thankful that we were close to home when this happened and for all the prayers and support that our friends and our rodeo family have extended to us. We are truly blessed.

So, we have turned out everywhere but Prescott and Window Rock and feel pretty fortunate to be able to go to those. Mom is doing better each day, running at Prescott just one week after the incident. Though we failed to win any money there, I couldn't help but think how nice it was to be there instead of where we were just one week prior . . .  sitting in a hospital waiting on test results. Again, just blessed.

So, Window Rock on Thursday then we have about a week until our next one. Plenty of time to re-group. Mom can rest while I have jury duty! 

Hope everyone out there is having a nice holiday with their friends and family this Fourth of July. Celebrate! We will certainly be rejoicing in the blessing that it is to live in this great country and to have such an amazing God looking out for us.

Take care! jolee


 6/11/2012 8:56:00 PM  


Hooray for Mom and Daisy in California. She made two really nice runs at Livermore and Glennville and picked up a pair of checks. They finished up sixth at Livermore and second at Glennville. Daisy sure likes that arena in Glennville. It's like going back in time, what a fun rodeo! She won it last year and made a great run off the bottom of the ground this year. All in all a $1500 weekend . . .  pretty awesome!

I ran Baby in her first weekend back. We were a bit rusty but made some improvements over the two runs so I am happy. We will get it all together with some more runs. Just got back on Rose too so I have a great pair to ride this summer. It's all good.

We are home now, furiously working to get ready for the long summer run. We won't be home until just before Prescott over the Fourth and then right back out after a day or so. If we keep winning, we will keep going.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there including my awesome dad, Darrell Lautaret, and my fiancee Allan Jordan. Both are wonderful supporters of Mom and I and we appreciate them so much.

Take care, more to report soon! jolee


 5/28/2012 10:27:15 PM  


Happy Memorial Day and special thanks to all our soldiers on this day and every day! What a beautiful day it was as well.

Well, another month has slid right by us. Having a great time with all of our horses. Rose started the month out right at the Southwest Desert Classic Futurity in St. George by winning it! That is three-for-three at the futurities thus far. She is such an amazing mare and I am feeling so honored to be riding her. Thanks must go to Shannon Ackerstrom and Western 37 Barrel Horses who raised Rose and of course to Mom for doing a great job training as always.

After a week of rest on Mother's Day, we were back in rodeo action with Payson, Ramona and Las Vegas. Three rodeos, three states and three days. Of course, we had two in one day with Payson Friday morning and Ramona that night after the performance. We are a bit out of practice on the big rodeo trail so it was a little tiring. We had Saturday off then Sunday night at Helldorado Days.

Mom and Daisy made a great run at Payson that held up for second behind Sherry Cervi and Stingray. Very proud of the effort there. Rose is running in shoes now so this was her first try with them and she managed a check as well. Still just in awe of how fast this mare is taking to the rodeos--she handles everything that is thrown at her with ease. What a fun ride!

Mom caught a barrel at Ramona and Rose and I were just a little out of the money. What a great rodeo this is and has been for years. Love going down there, the crowds are awesome. 

We wrapped it up at Vegas. Helldorado has been around for years but took about a ten year hiatus. Glad to have it back. We had a great night, both of us placing with Mom splitting third and me taking 8th. Hooray for a good weekend!

For the Memorial Day warm-up, we attended a pair of rodeos in Safford, Arizona. Unfortunately, some days are fun, some are just drudgery. The wind was blowing about 30-40 and gusting to 55 mph with sheets of sand. It made it very tough and not fun at all. We were thrilled to pull some checks. Mom was fifth in the first rodeo while Rose and I won seventh the first day and sixth the next. The horses tried hard and that's all you can ask in those conditions. Glad to get through it and looking forward to nicer weather down the road!

Due to all the wind and blowing dust, Rose actually bled following her second run. It is such a bummer because now she is off for about three weeks. That means no Red Desert Futurity! We were so looking forward to this event, held in Rock Springs this coming weekend. This will be the second time we entered only to have a horse come up sick just prior to leaving. Oh well, I guess we weren't supposed to go! Rose will get a chance at more futurities in the fall and should be back on the road in time for Reno Rodeo so . . . in perspective it's all good.

So, an unexpected weekend off! That's not too bad, gives us more time to get things together as we are planning a busy summer of rodeos. Mom and Daisy have a great start on the year with about $10,000 won. They are ranked around 40th in the standings and sitting very good in the All American as well. Rose and I are top ten in the circuit, which is exciting and hopefully we will stay there and get to the circuit finals this year.

Well, hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Back to work! Take care, jolee


 5/3/2012 2:41:40 PM  


Home again! We returned from our two and a half weeks in California and it was a wonderful trip. Huge thanks to Chuck Morris and family of the Rocking M Ranch in Red Bluff and of course the Dunn's for letting us set up camp and hang out while we were visiting. It was a blast, weather was gorgeous, friends are awesome!

We started out at Logandale, Nevada. No luck there as Mom and Daisy got the second barrel; Rose was a good girl but a little slower and we were out of the money. Due to heavy rains, we turned out at Oakdale.

At the Spring Run Classic Futurity in Ceres, Rose really impressed us all, especially the jockey who was scrambling to stay in the middle of her! She won both rounds of the futurity and placed in the 1D of the open with the roll-over times both days. She was second on Sunday against all two hundred plus runners! This mare is just amazing.

I was really proud of Mayday, too. This was her first futurity and we won the 2D the first day and came back for third in the 1D on day two. She is a tricky horse and will probably take a lot longer to season and get solid but she is definitely talented. She reminds me of her big sis -- Belle -- they make it hard but I love them anyway.

At Red Bluff it was Daisy's turn to shine in our "Flower Power" team. She and Mom placed in the opening round with a very solid 17.40 and turned on the afterburners on Sunday afternoon for a blistering 17.17! She finished up third in the round and third in the average! It was awesome!

Rose ran the 18th fastest time in the opening go and made it back to the performances. She is really handling everything like a much more seasoned horse. We finished about 11th in the go and the average after she clocked in at 17.48 in the second round. Very pleased!

Clovis was a little trickier for us both. Daisy doesn't seem to like the slack at this rodeo and ran too slow to make the progressive round. Rose was 14th in the first go and came back into the Friday night perf. Wow -- that was an awesome perf but just a little much for poor Rosie. She did great, but her eyes were just a little big from all the people crowding in on her, something like 10,000 spectators! Give her a little time . . . she will have this all figured out but it was a fun run anyway. She got a little too quick on the second barrel into the bucking chutes but was really trying.

We finished up at Springville and the girls were just amazing! Rose ran a 17.48 and Daisy was 17.49! It was very fun and we ended up winning second and third! Thanks to our dear friend Nina Dunn for tagging along with us and being the camera girl. We had so much fun with the whole Dunn clan and were sorry to have to leave.

We have a couple of weeks off from rodeos and will be in Hurricane, Utah  this weekend for the Southwest Desert Classic Futurity and 4D. Love running up there, they always put on a nice event and we have lots of fun. Got some Team Lautaret members entered as well so fun times are surely in store.

Hope everyone is getting ready for the summer heat . . . it's already on its way. Take care and best wishes! jolee


 4/11/2012 12:35:21 AM  


Great weekend for Team Lautaret! We attended the Nevada Western Heritage Foundation Barrel Race in Pahrump, Nevada this past weekend. The race was really nice, great awards and great ground. And the weather couldn't have been better.

On Saturday, Rose continued to amaze all of us. She posted a 17.51 to win the race! How exciting she is to ride, we are so thrilled with her. Mom and Daisy came in fourth in a tough race with a 17.59. Mayday is back in action and won a check, too. She was fourth in the 2D with an 18.14.

Daisy must have been tired of hearing about Rose all night because on Sunday, she blew everyone's doors off! After Rose made another great run at 17.45, Mom and Daisy came right behind us as the next runners to put up a 17.16! 

What fun to have two horses working so great at the same time, we are really feeling blessed. Mom and Daisy took the average buckle for the 1D. Hoping to get the videos posted . . .

We were also so excited to see another member of Team Lautaret, Maggie Aiello, take the 5D buckle on her nice mare French Pearls. Maggie and Pearl starting coming to us last fall and have made big strides. We are so proud of their progress and happy to see them win some money and awards.

Amber Meade and Jake also made the Team proud with a 2D win on Saturday. Amber, Maggie, Mom, Allan and I (and Curtis Fitzgerald too!) had a great dinner on Saturday night and just had a blast. It is such a pleasure to work with these people and friends.

Now we are scrambling to get ready for our long trip to California. Looking forward to seeing what's ahead for us now.

Happy belated Easter to everyone, hope your day was as blessed as possible. take care, jolee


 4/2/2012 11:20:11 AM  


Wow, time does fly around here! Things have been so great for us and the whole Team Lautaret lately.

Mom and Daisy are having a nice spring. They made the short round at Tucson after winning fourth in the first round. They caught a barrel at Fort Worth to make the progressive round easily. She also placed at Rio Rancho and was two one-hundredths out of the money at Fort Mohave.

After some ups-n-downs, "teenager moments" Mom says, they really hit their stride last weekend. Mom won the Cave Creek rodeo with a spectacular run and also pulled a check from Queen Creek.

Since Baby has been off, Mom has put me on Rose, her futurity baby for this year. She is such a blessing! What an amazing horse and so poised for a five year old. We have now made six rodeo runs, including two perfs and she is handling it like a much more seasoned horse. Hard to believe she hadn't made but a few time only's in January.

After coming close at Scottsdale (missed a check by just over a tenth) and Buckeye (missed a check by four one-hundredths), we broke through at Cave Creek for third!

We also went to the Dixie Classic Futurity last month. Rose won the first round, second in the second round and won the average against some very tough horses. She is just awesome. Daisy won money in the open too and all our Team Lautaret members -- Kali and Kirsten Lewis, Susan Hervey, Maggie Aiello, Amber Meade -- did great too. It was a fun weekend and a great race, as it is every year.

Now, we are gearing up for a two week venture to California after we run at the Tour rodeo in Logandale. Mayday is also back after her injury and she and Rose are entered at the Spring Run Classic Futurity in Ceres. Then, we will stay around and hit Oakdale, Red Bluff, Clovis and Springville. We are very excited with where are horses are and looking forward to the trip!

Happy Easter to everyone! take care, jolee


 1/23/2012 1:05:18 AM  


Time to rodeo! We survived three weekends at Buckeye, Arizona for some of the toughest jackpots going and are now ready to hit the road. We start our trip this weekend with Rio Rancho, near Albuquerque, and then it's off to Fort Worth.

We had a good time at the Buckeye races -- two are produced by the BRN4D and the final one is a Pac West production. They were all well produced with great added money and very good --and fast -- ground! It took sub-seventeen runs to win every race. We were proud of all of our horses. Daisy was consistently in the 1D money on all of her clean runs. She looks ready to rodeo!

We were thrilled with the young horses. Rose wound up running a pair of 17.9's -- awesome for just her first three weekends of getting entered. Mayday finished with a pair of 18.3's that were fabulous. It's so rewarding to see the young ones finally start into competition and do well. We can't wait til these two get finished up!

Baby also ran well. I decided to switch her to the left barrel first and it seems to be a good fit. Her older brother, Twinkie, did great to the left so I guess it's a family trait.

I got to take the middle week off and go to Denver to stay with a close friend. We had lots of fun and I got to play aunt to her two little ones. They are awesome and it was really fun to spend a week with them. 

Now it's time to get road ready and head for Texas! Can't wait to see how it all goes. Updates coming!

take care ~ jolee


 1/4/2012 7:45:14 PM  


Happy 2012! The new year is already here and we hope everyone had a blessed and happy holiday season. Time to get crackin' on the new year.

We are so excited for the coming season. We started the year off at the NBHA UT01 show in Hurricane, Utah. Janie and her club do an amazing job with their races and they are such a pleasure to attend. We had fun and the weather was awesome.

Mom and Daisy won second both days with a pair of very nice runs. We have all been off since Thanksgiving -- well, that's how long since we raced anywhere  but everyone got a couple of weeks off during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo before going back into training.

I always spend two weeks in Vegas covering the Finals for Examiner.com. It's a great experience but it sure makes you want to get back in the saddle for a chance to be there competing instead of writing about those who are! :-)

We broke out our five-year olds at Hurricane, their first time to be entered and only about the fourth or fifth time to go to a race at all. They did wonderfully! Rose -- aka Classy Rose Bug -- ran one second off of Daisy both days and Mayday Rocks won money in the 4D the first day and improved about seven tenths on Day Two! We are so blessed with nice young horses coming up.

I ran Baby as well and she was in the 2D both days. Did well, would have liked to clock a little better but we are still improving each day. I have also starting her heading and she is doing very well at that. She is fun to rope on!

We elected not to enter the young girls in the upcoming futurities in Arizona just knowing that they are not where you need to be to compete with the other horses there. It's just too expensive to enter up without knowing you can at least be in the running. Futurities aren't really our thing anyway so it's no big deal either way. Hoping that both girls will continue to improve and maybe be ready for rodeos by this time next year.

We have several weeks of barrel racing coming up in the Valley of the Sun before we head to Texas for a bit. We are planning to enter Fort Worth and try to get Mom into San Antonio. They only take 50 but she is close, crossing our fingers she gets the chance at 'em. We'll be back in Arizona in time for Tucson at the end of February so just a short outing but with any luck, a profitable one.

That's all the news for now -- best of luck to everyone in the new season! Take care ~ jolee


 11/11/2011 8:40:32 PM  


Sure has been a busy fall already and the weather is acting like winter much too soon! We even had snow here in Kingman; Allan and I were in Bakersfield so we missed it but still -- not ready yet.

The AWPRA Chapter Finals were a lot of fun. Mom won the finals and the 4D on the first day with a smoking run on Daisy. Baby and I won the 2D on the second day. Allan came down for the yearend banquet on Saturday night so we had a lot of fun. Thanks to the officers and directors of the AWPRA, the oldest surviving chapter of the WPRA. They always do a great job with awards and this year was no different. Mom finished second in the yearend standings behind Marisa Simpson. Congrats to her and Pepper, they had a great year.

The Chapter gals voted Daisy the Horse with the Most Heart, which means so much to Mom and to me. We were honored and surprised by the award which is given each year by Pauline Lindsey and Malory McGraw in honor of Malory's great horse Poquita. I was voted the Best Dressed at the Finals. Thanks to all the gals!

The PBR World Finals was a lot of fun and a great learning experience. As a member of the media, I got to watch the action from the center of the arena -- definitely the best seat in the house! I was right there for every 90+. I had a great time and enjoyed covering the event for Examiner.com. Find all the articles at www.examiner.com/rodeo-14-in-national/jolee-lautaret.

After taking a few days break, Mom and I are getting down to business with our futurity babies for 2012: Classy Rose Bug and Mayday Rocks. We got to put them on the clock for the first time this week during time only's and were just thrilled with them both. On the first day, they both came in at 19.4. On day two, Rose stepped up big, clocking an 18.1 (17.5 won the barrel race) while Mayday was 18.6. We are so excited about their progress. Just can't wait to see where they go . . .

Well, off to Brawley tomorrow and I am having the nice dilemma of not knowing which horse to run! Baby ran great this week at the jackpots, winning the 1D at Buckeye and 3rd in the 1D at Litchfield weekly races but I am really thinking about taking the ole campaigner Twinkie. We have been roping off him and he is feeling great, far above his 19 years! He won't make many rodeos next year so this might be one of his last hurrahs so thinking I might take him instead. The old guy won money there last year and we have the night perf this year -- "Photo Op" just loves the crowd.

Next week is Buckles and Barrels for Bailey at the South Point in Vegas. Everyone is looking forward to this race. Not only is it a great race with $15K added over three days but it supports a great cause, the Spring Valley Hospital NICU. I am running the Palomino Brigade, Twinkie and Baby while Mom is on the Duns, Daisy and Holly. It should be lots of fun.

Before long, Christmas will be here. Just thinking about gifts already is overwhelming! 

Take care to all and more to come -- jolee


 10/16/2011 3:04:43 PM  


Home again at last! We survived our big road trip, first to the Turquoise Circuit Finals and then on to the All American Finals in Waco. The trip started out well but fizzled a bit in Texas. Still, we are so proud of Mom and Daisy, they had a great season and will have many more to come.

At Las Cruces, Mom and Daisy posted the fastest run of the weekend during the opening go round. It was such an exciting win for them! The ground was not good at all, lots of the horses were slipping and having trouble handling it. Daisy was a trooper, she handled it much beyond her six years of age.

They caught the third barrel during the second go round but bounced back for another round win in go three. It was so great. Of course, we would have loved to not get the barrel on Friday night, it would have probably meant a trip to OKC for the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo but we are still so proud of Daisy, particularly given the conditions.

We went on from Las Cruces to Texas, staying in Stephenville with our friends Butch and Jo Kirby. Thanks to them for their hospitality. Las Cruces is about ten hours from the house so it seemed smarter to go on rather than come home first. We ended up in Waco from the first day on, which ended up being a bit of our downfall but we learned a lot too.

Daisy made two nice runs at Waco but just couldn't fire and run like she normally does. She caught the second barrel during the second go as well. Following that run, she was having a terrible time breathing so we called out the vet to check out what was going on. He diagnosed her with an asthma attack, most likely brought on by some allergy whether that be from the hay which got wet from all the rain or the shavings, the urine and manure in the barn . . . . we have no way of knowing. She is doing fine, for which we are very grateful, and we have already been back to see Dr. Gary Kaufman in Scottsdale on our way home. We are getting a plan together in case this ever happens again.

So, we are disappointed that Daisy didn't get a chance to show what she can do but still thrilled. She was seven one-hundredths from a check in the first round and ran just two tenths from the money the second night, while really laboring to breathe. She and Mom will get lots more chances to win. It's all good.

Meanwhile, it is so nice to be home. I know how much the Texans needed the rain but it sure seems to dump all at once whenever we visit. It's hard to get used to the humidity and the fact that your blankets never dry out! Guess I am just a desert rat and always will be.

We have the Chapter Finals next weekend in Phoenix and then I will be off to the PBR World Finals for some media work for Examiner.com. This will be a new experience for me and I am looking forward to it. Hope you will all keep up with my updates and stories -- I have the opportunity to interview several of the PBR Legends like Adriano Moraes and Chris Shivers. I am excited!

We will go to Brawley, California in November along with the Buckles and Barrels for Bailey event at the South Point. Then Thanksgiving will be here with the GCPRA Finals and next thing you know, NFR time! 

Things are speeding up! Hope you all have a wonderful fall and Happy Halloween! 

take care ~ jolee


 8/30/2011 5:21:19 PM  


Daisy is certainly on a roll! Mom has placed at three straight pro rodeos -- Tehachapi, Payson, and Norco -- and all in tough conditions. Payson had tons of rain and was quite sloppy the night we ran but she finished sixth, only five one-hundredths behind first in a tight barrel race!

We were in the first perfs at Tehachapi and Norco and both were pretty tough ground conditions. Mom was winning Tehachapi when we left and ended up fifth while she left at third and ended up seventh at Norco. 

We have been really proud of all the horses, they are really starting to learn rodeo conditions and ground and make the same runs no matter what. Of course, you always want to win first but just getting those solid runs in is a big victory and a check is a check!

We have a bit of a break for now and will continue to find the jackpots to get the young 'uns tuned up. It's been awfully hot here at home so a little break is just fine. Hopefully it will begin to cool off.

I got spoiled by a weekend at San Juan Capistrano for the big rodeo with Allan and a dear friend of ours, Nina Dunn. the weather is awesome and I am so impressed with this committee. Not only do they add a ton of money for the contestants, but they feed everyone to boot--great cupcakes! :-) Wish they had a barrel race but not sure they could since the rodeo arena is set up on a polo field. Maybe someday . . . .

 Gearing up for the last minute charge for 2011 -- which is actually the first of our 2012 season here in the Turquoise Circuit. Maybe we can get a leg up on the new year!

The cut-off for the All American Finals is not until September 11 but we are not entered anywhere else so here's hoping Mom holds in there. She is around 25th so think she is good but we'll have to see how the next two weeks go.

Happy Labor Day to everyone, take some time with the family and friends and relax! take care, jolee


 8/16/2011 12:28:52 AM  


Our two week rodeo run was fun but not nearly as profitable as we were hoping. Mom wasn't feeling her best, think the after effects of her surgery were finally catching up. She placed at Grace, Idaho after posting a pretty 17.39 second run. Beyond that, she had heck.

She caught the second barrel at Eagle, Colorado to place second and Daisy slipped into the first barrel at Heber City and cruised out a 17.33 that would have been third. She was feeling a bit like she would have no luck if it weren't for bad luck! 

We know this is all part of the learning curve with young horses. After all, Daisy is still just 6; she hardly ever hits a barrel so it's nothing to dwell upon and things will get better.

As for me, Baby came on like a superstar! Our first two runs were ugly but things started to turn around after that. We ran an 18.0 at Eagle -- 17.9 was the last hole for money. At Grace, 17.8 and 17.6 got a check. The big excitement was Heber City! On tough ground for young horses (Twinkie and Belle would have loved it!) Baby put up a 17.67 which held in there for 10th and $$$$ !!! 

It's so funny how you can be thrilled with 10th on a young one and mad at 5th on an old campaigner! Makes you remember to be grateful for any wins you can get. :-)

I took the last weekend off to go to a bull riding with Allan -- lots of fun to spend time with my guy, we don't get much of it in the summer time with his rodeo schedule and mine.

Mom took "Team Lautaret" -- our gaggle of lesson kids and not-quite-kids-anymore -- to a barrel race in Las Vegas. Daisy won it, Mom and Baby took 2D money and all the kids ran in the 2D as well. Party for them all, so proud of the work they have all put in and the improvements they are making. Great bunch of friends and a lot of fun to be around. Here is the web site to see the video of Daisy: http://www.ccbrc.net/

Now we are gearing up for another weekend of rodeoing. We are at Tehachapi, CA on Friday and Payson, Arizona on Saturday. Payson is our last circuit rodeo for the 2011 season and I am not in the top 12 for the circuit finals right now. Asking a lot of Baby to pull a big check to get me over the hump. We'll do our best and hope it works. If not, I will be the cheering section once again at Las Cruces. (I am getting pretty good at that!)

Both rodeos are All American rodeos so Mom is needing to have a good weekend to boost her back up in those standings for a chance at Waco. Know she can do it, she is clutch.

Also getting to go to Cottonwood for an Arizona WPRA chapter race. Our babies are all doing so well, we are really getting excited for the coming season and the January Arizona Futurities. Belle's little sis Mayday is smoking around the cans, can't wait to get her in the trailer. We also have a neat Blushing Bug out of a Dash ta Fame mare (Rosie) and a Lions Share of Fame (Bunny) who are coming on as well. We are blessed with the horses we have.

Well, off to the races! Take care and have a great week.  jolee


 7/25/2011 9:19:44 PM  


We not only made Salinas, Mom and Daisy made it all the way through to the short round!

This barrel race is held on the track and can be a tough pen, particularly for younger horses as they navigate the very short distance between the first and second barrels. Daisy handled it like a champ! They picked up two checks in the first two rounds, had a bit of trouble in round three but qualified to the finals anyway.

Their short go run was exciting! After rocking the first barrel, Daisy brushed the second coming away and Mom dropped her rein to reach and set it back up. She got it done but meanwhile Daisy had lost track of her path to the third. They covered a lot of ground getting around the final corner but still clocked their fastest run of the week! They missed a short round check by just a few one hundredths of a second. All told they ended up 8th in the average and we were so thrilled with the result.

I rode Baby and made two good runs and one "colt" run. I was happy with her though we weren't in the money. This is just part of the long process of getting a good rodeo horse made. Glad that Daisy is winning and pulling the weight for the young ones to have time to learn.

We are home for a few days rest before going out on a two week rodeo swing through Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Not as much driving as it sounds like, at least once we get there! Hoping Mom can build on her All American series position and we can get to our required 30 rodeos. 

Have a great week! take care, jolee


 7/18/2011 12:05:06 AM  


Ups and downs on the rodeo trail! Mom had a fabulous Fourth of July run. She placed at three of the four rodeos we ran at and made the short go at Greeley! Daisy did awesome in her first ever big rodeo run -- seven runs in five days with lots of traveling in between. Very proud of them both.

While Mom has hit the ups, I have been on the downs. To be expected on green  horses. Holly is getting there and Baby is ready to start entering up as well. By the end of this year, they both should be ready to go and win.

After the Fourth we came home for a couple of days but then ventured back to Vernal. Mom and Daisy had a really nice run that was just about one tenth from the money at a very tough barrel race. We then went to Salina for the Xtreme Barrel Race for the first time ever. What a great race! The people are very nice, the facility is wonderful and the money is so good. We will go back as soon as we get a chance!

Mom and Daisy won second the first day while I hit barrels on both my horses. On Sunday we switched! :-( Ups and downs.

We are home now; Mom had to have surgery to repair some problems with her teeth. She is a trooper of course and always tougher than anyone needs to be. Recovering well but it may take some time. We are scheduled to go to Salinas this week but we will have to wait and see how she feels.

At any rate, everything is looking on the positive for us. Mom is holding tight at 22nd in the All American series so we are hoping to hit the road after Salinas to try to get to enough All American rodeos to make the required 30. Think that would be fun to see her and Daisy run at Waco.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Take care, jolee


 6/14/2011 12:59:41 AM  


Summer is here already and I can't believe we are already packing our bags for Reno. Where has 2011 gone?

We are so sad this week with the sudden, unexpected news of the death of our friend Toni Tyree. That girl was one of a kind, always smiling and making the rest of us laugh. At just 29, Toni packed a lot of life into her years, roping with the best of them including a big win at the WPRA World Finals in 2008 amongst a million others. Loved to rope with her and hang out with her. She is greatly missed by us and all the roping world. Prayers to her family and friends. It just won't be the same without her smile.

Off to Reno and points beyond. Mom and Daisy are really starting to hit their stride. They won the Glennville Rodeo on Sunday after having some bizarre luck at Livermore the day before. Mom's stampede string hung in her saddle at the first barrel, preventing her from seeing where she was going! Too strange. They came back in a big way on Sunday though. I would say they are as ready for Reno as it gets.

Mom and Daisy have worked their way into the Top 20 of the All American Series standings, which is kind of fun. Hoping they can keep the positive momentum going and get to the finals for that in Waco in October.

Looking forward to Reno, I am riding Holly, who is quite green at the rodeos but very talented. Hoping we can get our timing together and have some wins this summer. She is a lot of fun. 

Bad Baby is doing wonderfully. She is entered at Lita Scott's futurity in Reno this weekend. She has really come on well for as few runs as she has made in her life. She is a good one, we will have lots of fun with her in the future.

Also on tap at Reno is the big Ladies Only Team Roping. We have been every year since they began this roping and it really is awesome. They give you lots of ways to win and it's a good time to boot. Mom and I have made the big short go a couple of times but haven't won the big money yet. Hoping this might be the year. I am riding Smoochie instead of Twinkie for the first time this year; he is working great at home but still hasn't been to many jackpots away from the house. Think he will be fine -- it will definitely be interesting!

Well, happy summer to everyone -- it has definitely arrived around Kingman. Hot! Glad to be rid of the winter cool. Take care, jolee


 3/22/2011 12:39:20 PM  


March has been busy and the story for us thus far is -- BAD BABY! Her registered name is Right Kind of Wrong and she is by Frenchmans Guy and out of our mare Le Easter Bug (Diesel). Diesel was an awesome mare, we mostly roped on her but she could really run barrels too. Baby got her name as a foal because she was . . .  well, bad! She really liked to kick at you! She is actually very sweet now but the name has long since stuck.

Baby went to her first barrel race to be entered Valentine's weekend. She won money in the fourth division and we were so thrilled. She has now made seven runs and won money on six of them! Little bread winner! So proud of her!

We entered her at the Dixie Classic futurity in Saint George, Utah, hoping she would place in the 4D. Well, she ran two personal bests, an 18.0 on the first day and 17.9 the next, to place in the 2D both days! The times won money in the open 3D as well. She is running just a second off the big girls already.

Baby has been so much fun for us. Mom trained her on the barrels and then handed the reins to me. I am having a blast, she just makes me smile. :-)

Daisy and Mom are finding their stride at the rodeos. They won third at Scottsdale for a nice big, fat check! It as an awesome run. At the jackpots, she is consistently running 17.2's which is very exciting. We will take that time everywhere!

Twinkie and I ran through a spell of hit barrels, including Scottsdale. We won fourth in the 1D the second day at Dixie with a 17.2. At the Buckeye rodeo, we were at the bottom of our drag in slack and it got too deep for nineteen year old legs. He worked awesome, clocking a 17.66 and 17.59 was the last hole for money. He did great!

Mom and Daisy drug down in the ground a bit too, clocking a 17.63. We were so close!

We ran on Sunday at the Avi Casino in Fort Mohave, Arizona -- down on the river by Laughlin. It was an American West production and very well done. We had a lot of fun. Twinkie surprised us all with a wild ride for 17.56 to win the 1D! I had to set the second barrel back up and we rocked the first pretty good but it was a blast. Good ole Twink, that sucker just keeps going and going.

Mom and Daisy caught the first barrel on the exit or she would have won it with a blazing 17.2! It was an amazing run, just a bit of bad luck with the barrel down. We are looking forward to the spring run of rodeos with our horses both working so well.

Meanwhile, back to the superstar . . . Baby won the futurity side pot at the Avi with an 18.4. Because we were at the rodeo on Saturday at Buckeye, she did not get a time only to see the big indoor arena so there was just a little bit of spooking at the concrete walls and the tractor. Not bad at all, she is actually pretty level and likes her job. Fun, fun, fun!

The weather is getting warmer and we are getting our young horses ridden quite a bit more. It shows in their performance. We couldn't be more pleased with all our young ones.

Off to ride, more rodeos this week!

take care, jolee


 2/26/2011 12:43:15 PM  


Well, many hours in the truck later and the 2011 Tucson Rodeo is in the books, for the Lautarets anyway. Mom ran Daisy, who is still learning the rodeo ropes. She did fine on her first run but had some trouble with penalties in round two. Oh well, on to the next one. That is the tough part of seasoning young horses.

The weekend before Tucson we attended the Arizona Chapter's race in Phoenix and entered Bad Baby--registered as Right Kind of Wrong--for the first time. She placed in the 4D! And was too fast for the 2D of the futurity. We were so pleased with her run, she has gotten very solid in her pattern and now just needs to learn to stretch and run a bit. Twinkie ran well there too, just out of the money in the 1D but we picked up a small WPRA side pot check.

The Chapter hosted another race during Tucson Rodeo, just down the road from the arena. They got about 50 runners and it was held at Schultze Arena, a very nice place with nice people. We had fun there. Mom and Daisy made a beautiful run that was good enough for second in the 1D and first in the WPRA side pot. Twinkie also blasted one out there for third and second. He is feeling so good -- he bucks about every day when I ride him. Funny how when an old horse bucks with you, you take it as a good sign! It's just not the same with young ones. :-)

So now we are home, listening to the rain. We actually had snow blowing horizontally across the place the day we left for Tucson. Winter is just not for me, and I am so glad I don't live up north where winter is for real. I couldn't take it!

We have Scottsdale this Friday and I am looking forward to that. It's fun to go run when your horse is feeling so good. 

For my birthday this week, Allan will finally be coming home. (He's not coming home just because of my birthday, that's when he will be done working, but I am taking it as a birthday present!) He's been gone since January 17 and I sure miss him.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we can take the babies to Las Vegas for a barrel race tomorrow and get some riding in this week too. We decided to enter Baby in the Dixie Classic Futurity in a couple of weeks. Should be lots of fun, that race is well produced, pays great, and always has lots of friends to hang out!

Well, stay warm and dry. More again later!

take care, jolee


 2/10/2011 9:00:04 PM  


Rodeo season is underway again here in the Turquoise Circuit!

We just returned home from the slack at Yuma, Arizona, our first rodeo of the new year. Unfortunately, the ground conditions were not the best and several horses really had trouble with the footing. Mom and Daisy did a good job, Daisy has come a long way in figuring out ground conditions at the rodeos. She took care of herself, which is great in the long run for her soundness. They are sitting third right now. If conditions do not improve through the four performances, she might have a chance to place but if anything much is done, it is doubtful any of us from slack will win anything. 

Twinkie felt spectacular into the first turn for me but he hit the same spot several others did and stuck pretty badly. He tried to come back around hard and we ended up in the barrel -- well, my foot ended up in the barrel, I couldn't get it up and out of the way fast enough. If I just had smaller feet, we would have been golden! :-)

At any rate, it was frustrating but Twinkie is sure feeling good and certainly doesn't act like a horse of 19 years of age. Wish I had somewhere else to take him for a rodeo but I did not get into Tucson, which is limited to just 80 barrel racers, so I have to wait for Scottsdale in March. Seems like a long way off . . .

We did well enough through the January jackpots. Mom and Daisy won fourth in the Greg Olson Derby and came back and clocked a 16.8 during the open on Sunday. It was her new best time and a heck of a run. She came back and picked up some more 1D money at the Pac West race the next weekend.

Jackpots are not really Twinkie's deal anymore but he did a good job for me.  We won some 1D Future Fortunes money at the Greg Olson and a little bit at the Pac West. He ran a 17.29 on the last run there, which was awesome but no money! The sucker just keeps going and going.

My Aunt Nancy's mare Lexie got herself in a wreck and had to have about a month off. She will be fine and able to be ridden again soon but I sure missed the chance to run her at some of these good jackpots.

The weather has been very uncooperative for everyone and we have not missed it either. No snow and ice but lots of really cold wind. Hard to ride colts and accomplish anything. Our two babies out of Diesel--Le Easter Bug--are getting there slowly. Bad Baby, who is by Frenchmans Guy, Twinkie's dad, will have her maiden voyage in the WPRA side pot futurity on Saturday at the AWPRA race at Dunn's in Phoenix. She is doing great. The other one is Mayday, a half sister to Belle. She will get there but she certainly inherited her sister's attitude!

After the Chapter race, Mom and Daisy will take a crack at Tucson. Hope they get a little luck on their side.

Meanwhile, the WPRA elections are underway and I have been nominated to run for President. I was not planning to step back into the WPRA leadership again and pretty much said no every time I was asked to run. In the end, a lot of prayers and several members who refused to take no for my answer, got me to change my mind. Hope it is the right thing for all of us but I will do my best if elected during next month's elections.

For those WPRA members out there, I would love to see Lana Tibbetts become our new Vice President. Lana is very passionate about our Association and has an energy that is definitely needed right now to accomplish big goals. Please remember to vote when the ballots arrive.

I got to attend the last performance at Fort Worth last weekend. It was a good short round and nice to see so many newer faces breaking into the big bucks. Congrats to all winners and to Kay Blandford and Angel. That was a flawless run on Saturday night to clinch the win.

I ran at Fort Worth the first year it became WPRA sanctioned, just a few years ago. It's hard to believe how hard our past leadership worked to convince this committee to go with the pros and how far it's come in just a few years. I think it's fabulous how that committee has tried to work a format that is inclusive to all members. Look at the payoff and the new names who had a chance to win! It's so good for our industry to give ladies a chance to show that they can run with the big names.

Well, that's all for now. Best of luck as the season hits full swing! 

take care, jolee


 1/10/2011 7:27:06 PM  


Happy New Year to all! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. 2011 is already well underway. May you reach every goal you set for yourself in the new season.

Mom and I are busy riding the babies, when the cold, winter weather allows. Sure do prefer spring, summer, and fall!

We have a busy schedule of jackpots this month with the Greg Olson Memorial and the big Pac West race, both in Buckeye. And our spring run of rodeos will be here before we know it. Plenty to keep us busy.

We have been busy giving lessons too, and that has really been an enjoyable experience. We are hoping to do more clinics in 2011--drop us a line if you are interested in hosting one in your area.

Best of luck! Until next time -- jolee


 11/29/2010 10:11:00 AM  


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I am headed to Las Vegas later this week for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Watching the rodeo each year is a great motivation to work hard to get a chance to return as a competitor. Mom and I know we have some very talented young horses coming up that have the potential to get us there--it's just so hard to have the patience it takes to let them develop!

I will be working in the press room again this year. I am the Las Vegas Rodeo Examiner on Examiner.com. The link is on my home page. I will be posting nightly results as well as getting some interviews from behind the scenes. Think it will be a good experience for me. Hope you check it out and give me some feedback on how I am doing!

The barrel racing has been a bit slow. We did go to the rodeo in Brawley, California a few weeks back. Twinkie and Daisy both ran awesome. Twinkie picked up a small check and Daisy finished just out of the money. She is really starting to get there.

We also went to a barrel race on Thanksgiving weekend. Daisy ran a 17.2 on a standard set the second day. Anytime you go that fast it is exciting! Twink won some 2D money on Friday, that is his lick at those barrel races. I also ran Lexie. She got a little lost on the first day but came back and ran her first 17 on the second day! She is so talented but still so green. She has less than 10 barrel races under her belt and just a few time onlys beyond that. She tries to turn so hard that we have hit a barrel here and there but we will get that all smoothed out in time. She is fun!

Well, hope everyone enjoys the WNFR and has a great holiday season.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!             jolee


 10/25/2010 5:04:32 PM  


Well it's been a busy fall with all the young horses to ride, trying to get three ready for next year's futurity season.

We polished off the 2010 rodeo season at San Bernardino, Barstow, and Kingman. Sophie worked really great at Barstow but finished a bit out of the money. I rode Twinkie at SB and Kingman and he tripped badly at SB. We finished 9th at Kingman and they paid 8. Second straight year for that!

Mom won third at SB on Twinkie and made an awesome run against some really tough competition. She rode Daisy at the other two without much luck.

After that we headed south to Las Cruces for the Turquoise CFR. I did not qualify this year but Mom made her 20th one. She ran Twinkie. Though she just missed the round money in the first and third go's, she finished up fourth in the average for a little check. We were proud of Twinkie, he did a good job against some tough horses, including two 2010 NFR qualifiers in Sherry Cervi and Sydni Blanchard.

Rodeo has little off-season and proof was that we began 2011 the week after the circuit finals. I ran Sophie at Industry, California, a great rodeo that is so good to the contestants. We always enjoy this rodeo. We ran in slack and Sophie did good. 

Mom ran Daisy at Industry. She drug the third barrel over but clocked a 17.1 on a standard course! She was awesome. 

I had to switch back to Twinkie for Cave Creek the next day and we won second! He always runs tough at that arena and this was no exception. What a good boy--he had the week prior off because we weren't planning on running him so we went very cold turkey too. It was good. Mom and Daisy also made a good run and finished fourth.

Since then we have hit the jackpot scene, trying to get futurity horses up and going. We are also excited about Lexie, a three-quarter sister to Trinity, Mom's heel horse. Lexie belongs to my favorite Aunt Nancy who lives in Oklahoma. Lexie is six but hasn't done much. We just started her at the barrel races--she is running a second off of Daisy already! She is a little motor scooter, lots of fun to ride.

I have had a rough time the last couple of weeks. My dear friend, my roommate from college, Faye Cruz, passed away after nearly five years of battling cancer. I know she is in a better place now, free from the cancer, but it's tough for those of us left behind. We gathered for her service last Friday, and a celebration of her life afterwards. Glad I was able to be there. May God bless her and her family and friends.

That's the story for now--may God bless all of you and Happy Halloween!

take care, jolee


 9/23/2010 12:25:37 PM  


Let 'Er Buck! Just got back from the 100th anniversary of the Pendleton Round-Up. Pendleton is my absolute favorite barrel race of the year--I didn't get to enter this year but watching the other gals compete made me wish I was! Belle always loved the huge arena and nothing was a bigger rush the entire year than that.

Big thanks to the Pendleton committee for organizing the Reunion of Champions. All former champs were invited back for the week and they hosted a couple of very nice dinners for us and gave us a goody bag filled with really nice things. It was a year in the making for their volunteers and we so appreciated the chance to visit with former champs. I was the only former barrel racing winner there, which was a bit strange. They have only offered barrels for 10 years so there aren't many lady champions around (there were plenty back in the 1920's and 1930's!)

Anyway, the town of Pendleton was swamped with people for the 100th. It was quite an experience and I am glad that we went.

Back home and back to business! The colts are all fresh from missing days last week so it has been like our own little rodeo here in the arena. We are so blessed with some very talented horses--if we can just get them trained and solid! Aiming for the 2011 futurity season.

We are back on the rodeo trail this weekend with Barstow and San Bernardino as well as the hometown rodeo here in Kingman. Should be lots of fun and I am looking forward to running barrels again. Funny how just a few weeks away feels like a year!

Best to everyone and updates on the weekend soon!



 8/7/2010 8:04:03 PM  


Howdy to all! Well, it's sure been a hot summer and we have been home so much more than normal that it is a little tough to get used to. But, it's been great, riding lots and getting our young horses ready to go. The future is looking so bright for us, unfortunately, it is just a long process between raising, training, seasoning a horse to go to the rodeos. Very rewarding in the end but long!

We went to a nice race in Cedar City, Utah last week produced by the American West 4D. It was a lot of fun and well produced, as always. Mom won the race on Saturday on Daisy with a smokin' run that was an arena record until Sunday! Baby mistakes on Friday and Sunday but Daisy is really talented. Once we get her more solid, she will be tough to beat.

Sophie worked great on the first two days and had a "baby" moment on Sunday. Still, she was in the 1D the first two runs, including a beautiful run Saturday that would have been 2nd on Friday! That's the way it goes but I was proud of her, just the same. I think she will develop a little slower than Daisy but that's OK, too. Rodeo has no age limit.

Twinkie and Belle went too but didn't have any luck. Twinkie worked good and was just out of the 1D money. Belle ran 5th on Friday and tripped real bad on Saturday. She was thinking about that Sunday and we got a barrel. No big deal, those two don't owe us a thing and every run at this point is just for fun.

We had Allan and his youngest daughter Allie with us, with made it even more fun. And then we stayed with my Uncle Dave and Aunt Deb, which is always a good time. All in all, it was a great weekend, almost like vacation with barrel racing!

Well, that's all for now--happy summer to all, enjoy what's left! jolee


 7/25/2010 2:08:52 PM  


Summer Time, It's Just too Hot!

Well, it's been a bit of a rough summer but that is the nature of running young horses. Mom and I have entered a few circuit rodeos and closer ones and even made the trip to Salinas for the 100th anniversary of the California Rodeo. We haven't won much but we are making steps toward getting Sophie and Daisy seasoned for the rodeos.

I ran Sophie at Payson, Las Vegas, and Salinas. She did well at the first two but not as good as I had hoped at Salinas. I just love that rodeo and it has always been one of Belle's favorites too. We won it in 2003, won second in 2004, and third in 2006. We made the short go four of the five times I ran her there. It was so hard to leave her home this year.

I ran Belle at Silver City, Window Rock, and Prescott. She was just out of the money at the first two and hit barrels at Prescott. I think that rodeo ground is tough for her anymore. She is 18 and had some injuries so it is to be expected. Belle doesn't owe me a thing so I took it as another sign that I need to be concentrating my efforts on Sophie and our other babies. Belle did win the jackpot barrel race over the Fourth, running the fastest time of the weekend--that was really neat. She will probably just be running at the jackpots, the softer ground seems to suit her better at this point in her career. She was supposed to be retired anyway but I am having trouble with that, she still likes to get out and do things. She is still sassy, plenty of attitude. Gotta love her.

Mom has been running Daisy most everywhere but she did ride Twinkie at Window Rock and Silver City, placing at both including third at Window Rock. He just loves that arena--he has won first, second, third a couple of times. Always in the money. Daisy has been good too, just a little inconsistent like most young horses. She placed at Las Vegas and was in the top 15 the first two days at Salinas. She is going to be so awesome once she gets solid. She is just five, and we have not pushed her that hard. But she has a ton of speed.

We are very excited about our futurity horses for next year. We have two 3 year olds and a 4 year old: Mayday, Rose, and Bad Baby. Mayday and Baby are out of Diesel, our Easy Jet/Bugs Alive mare that we roped and ran barrels on--May is by Sticks n Stones, Belle's daddy, and Baby is by Frenchmans Guy like Twinkie. So we have our "next generation" of Belle and Twinkie on the rise. They are just trotting the barrels now but sure move around them with the right feel. Rose is by Blushing Bug so she is half sister to our black mare Lucy that we lost in 2005. Lucy held the arena record at Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth for several years and was just amazing. Rose's mom is a daughter of Dash ta Fame, our first DTF. She is also very talented. The future looks bright.

We have been roping some and planning to enter some World Series team ropings. The WSTR are wonderful ropings which pay very well. The Finals are held during the NFR in Vegas--it's so close to us and pays a ton so we are hoping to get qualified.

Well, just trying to beat the heat now and riding lots of young horses. Hope everyone is having a nice summer!

take care -- jolee


 4/12/2010 11:10:09 AM  


Home Again

We made it back to Kingman safe and sound. The DNCFR did not go as well as I wanted but I enjoyed the experience. The community in Pocatello is so wonderful to the contestants, and the committee goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. It really is one of the best rodeos of the year and I hope to have another chance to compete here in the coming years.

I rode Belle in the first go. She had felt really good in practice so I thought she was ready to win. I have always done pretty well on her here, last time I made the finals and won a good chunk of money. That was back in 2006. I won a round on her the year before that. Unfortunately, she didn't really fire for me during the run. When ended up going a step past the second and when she tried to come back, she tripped a bit and we ended up in the barrel. A lot of horses had trouble with that same spot but when Belle takes a misstep, we always seem to go into the barrel. So, the five second penalty took us completely out of contention for the finals.

I decided to give Twinkie a shot on the second night. He has been feeling really good since coming back from the injury sustained last summer. It was kinda a wild ride. He stepped off the first and we were out of shape going to second. We got around it, rattling both barrels as we left. Think we were in decent shape there but he kinda ran out of air going to third. We didn't have much speed to it and on the way home. So, our time ended up longer than we needed to have a shot at round money.

It was really disappointing but I am glad to have qualified. Just wish I had my horses a little more ready to go. We brought Daisy and worked her during the practice. She felt good but was really spooking at the stuff near the alleyway, tv cameras and such, so we didn't think she would run back out the gate. That rodeo is a lot to throw at a young horse but she will be ready next time Mom or I are lucky enough to qualify here.

We had fun, though. On Wednesday night, I had the chance to participate in the radio broadcast of the rodeo on www.prorodeolive.com. Steve Kenyon handles the broadcasting duties for this and I have known Steve for many years--he announced our circuit finals rodeo some years back. He does a great job on prorodeolive and had asked me to come give some commentary for the barrel race. I got there early so I got to visit with him throughout the rodeo and I really enjoyed it. What fun! Maybe I should have made that my career path!?!? Maybe I will have the chance to do it again but I want to thank Steve again for the opportunity. Check out his website at www.rodeoprofiles.com.

Back home and back to work! Not sure where we will enter up next, it seems that the young horses need some jackpots and the old horses need more condition. Guess that will be the plan for now.

Best wishes to everyone and take care!  jolee


 4/8/2010 10:25:36 AM  


Round one is underway!

We survived a few bouts of snow, sleet, and hail and arrived safely in Pocatello on Tuesday. We were lucky, really. Several competitors here got stuck when I-80 was shut down in Wyoming. Glad everyone made it safely and in time!

Round one began last night. I had the opportunity to participate in the radio broadcast on www.prorodeolive.com with Steve Kenyon. What a blast! I so enjoyed the experience. What fun. Maybe I will get another chance later this week.

Tonight, of course, I am competing. I can't wait! I had some trepidation coming into this event as things have not been going as well as I hoped so far this season. I got a chance to take Belle, Twinkie, and Daisy through the pattern yesterday morning during practice. Belle felt awesome! I can't believe how much better she is moving. She really seemed to be ready to work. Twinkie felt great too. He just loves a big stage. It was also a great experience for Daisy. Hopefully, we will be back some day soon with her as the main mount.

So, now with the fun of working the radio show and getting to just be a fan on opening night, I am turning to the reason I am here -- to try to win some money! Looking forward to competing.

Thanks to all my friends and family for the well wishes. I love you guys!

take care -- jolee


 4/4/2010 9:19:32 PM  


DNCFR Bound!

Well, it has been a tumultuous couple of weeks since I last updated. We went to Buckeye and Belle made a decent run but, for about the third or fourth run, didn't get around the second very strong. We had already made an appointment with Dr. Gary Kaufman for that afternoon and he discovered that she was sore in the back. For the zillionth time, I wished Belle could speak! She never shows you that she is sore, just little things in the pattern that don't feel right.

So, I have spent the last couple of weeks running the massage machine on Belle's back and riding Twinkie, trying to get my timing together with him and get him back in running shape. He has essentially been off since last Memorial Day so it's been a good long rest. He feels great, I have been able to make about five runs on him and he gets better each time.

At the jackpot last weekend, I whined enough that Mom let me take a run on Daisy. I haven't run her since the BFA Championships last December and she has gotten quicker and stronger since then. I had so much fun running her! She is just a hoot to run and so much easier to ride than Twink or Belle. We won the barrel race and I won second on Twinkie. It was such a good boost for me with Pocatello coming up this week.

Mom has been camping on Sophie and she is doing good too. They ended up just out of the money for a check but the runs are improving.

So, with my back-up and back-up to the back-up plan ready, I took Belle back to Dr. Kaufman today. He is really impressed with her progress over the last couple of weeks and thinks she is ready for Pocatello as well.

I went from not knowing if I had anything ready to run, to having three to choose from! A nice dilemma to be sure but now what? I guess I will take all three of them through the pattern during the practice on Wednesday and make a decision from there. It sure is hard to get off the one that has won so much for you but we'll see how she feels. And Daisy has been outrunning Belle most of the places we have been. Never a dull moment, I guess.

Mom and I are leaving tomorrow and I am so excited. I love the DNCFR -- it is definitely in my top 5 favorite rodeos. I really enjoy the team feeling that you have with your circuit members, as it is unique to the DNCFR, and the whole town is so hospitable. They make you feel very welcome.

I will be doing double duty while there, writing the nightly recaps for the WPRA website and competing. That is a first for me and I am looking forward to the opportunity. Should be fun.

I will try to update from Idaho, I run Thursday and Friday, and hopefully Saturday in the finals. Have a great week everyone and HAPPY EASTER! God Bless -- jolee


 3/15/2010 12:35:41 PM  


Hello again. Well, we went to the Palm Springs rodeo on Friday. We had never been, though they had a rodeo there back in the 1980's. The crowd was great and overall, I think the rodeo went well.

It wasn't good to us. The ground was very sandy and very, very deep. The Flying U crew did they best they could with it but sometimes when you are setting up a temporary arena, you are just stuck with what you got. Belle worked really nice but just can't do the deep ground anymore like she once did. She tried, not much else you can ask.

Daisy fell in a hole on the first barrel but recovered herself pretty well. She turned the second as good as any barrel got turned the night we were up. The deep stuff just kinda drug her into the third so they ended up with a penalty. Would have been sitting second after our group, though. She is really getting an education about ground right now. She is so smart and so level. No matter what happens after the run, she drops her head and walks. We are so blessed, she is just amazing!

Got lessons today with one of the gals from the Lake Havasu Clinic. Lacie is in eighth grade and is a super kid. She has a great seat and tons of potential. It's been fun working with her.

Gearing up for Buckeye this weekend. We are on the bottom of the priority list, been drawing slack. Just have to see how it goes.

Hope everyone has a nice week! take care, jolee


 3/10/2010 6:45:30 PM  


The time sure gets away from me! Rodeo-ing this season has not been what I was hoping for. We went to Tucson and Scottsdale and walked away from both empty handed. I think that is the first time in many years that I have not gotten a least one check from Tucson. Boy, that will spoil you, too.

Our first round was not bad. We were in the first performance and ended up sitting second. Belle made a nice run but sure felt like she could fired a little harder. We slid to eight after the first slack and then way back after the second. Rodeo is tough that way and sometimes it feels like things are stacked against you. The only thing to do is keep fighting.

Mom and Daisy fell down on their first run. It was kinda scary but everyone was unscathed. Daisy is still learning about rodeo ground, it doesn't always hold the way jackpot/futurity ground does. She learned something, though, and really used her head on the second two. Even with the fall, she did not clock that far off the leaders.

We had our second round in the Friday perf. Again, Belle worked nice, maybe could have fired a little more but made a nice run. Just not fast enough. We needed to run about a 17.3 to have a shot so it was a long shot anyway but still kinda disappointing. Daisy remembered the ground and really shortened up but we are thrilled that she is smart enough to take care of herself and learn. Think her time was still a short 18 with the over rate at the first.

So no dough there. Off to Scottsdale. Belle and I had won 4th last year so I felt confident that she would work well in that arena. And she did. Problem was I brushed the second barrel with my stirrup and over it went. I was so bummed. It seems like no luck or bad luck for me this year. To find the positive, I have to say that Belle felt great, the plus five was a tiny thing, it wasn't anything to have to fix. Just bad luck. So I am still happy with her.

Daisy was great at Scottsdale. The committee put in a new video board, behind the bucking chutes above the thrid barrel. We rode in the arena before the perf and even Belle spooked at it! But during the run, Daisy was all business. She smoked a run, just hung up a little on the third barrel and finished at 17.11. The last money hole was 16.96. She is doing so good, and keeps improving every run. She has speed to burn, which will make her a big winner once everything smooths out. We are so excited about her.

We were supposed to go to Indio last weekend but the rodeo was canceled at the last minute. That was a bummer, we sure are losing lots of rodeos these days. And all of them close ones, too! So, we had a weekend off and went to the Friday night jackpot in Phoenix instead. It was fun, no pressure and not expensive which is nice. Susan and Flirt came along too. She won some money and Mom and Daisy ended up 6th in the 1D with a 17.5.

For those of you into bling, Susan makes the prettiest tack going. Check out her stuff at www.westernartandbling.com and www.blinghorsewear.net. She also paints gorgeous pictures, she can do any photo you have.

Been trying to prepare for Palm Springs this weekend but it has been tough with the weather. It snowed yesterday! Yuck. My hats off to those who live in northern climates and fight snow all the time. I can't stand it and would never survive. When will spring get here . . . .

Well, take care to you all and good luck!




 2/19/2010 8:05:33 PM  


Well, we got through our first rodeo of the 2010 season and our clinic down in Havasu. The weather was absolutely awesome for both!

Yuma didn't go quite as planned. Belle got a little short into the first and hung up too much. We ended up running a 17.9 and it took a 17.7 to get money. I was disappointed because I knew we could have taken a lot of time off but it wasn't too bad. I made a little mistake on our approach to the first so I know what I need to clean up for Tucson.

Mom ran Daisy -- it was her first pro rodeo performance and she did awesome! She also ran a 17.9. Daisy got really short into the third, after turning the first two good. She ended up hanging behind the third and had no momentum to get around it. Not a bad mistake and she handled the crowd well. It's so exciting to have such nice prospects coming up to give Belle and Twinkie some well deserved rest. Wish there was a short cut to seasoning a young horse but unfortunately all you can do is enter up.

We have eleven students at the Lake Havasu clinic. It was so much fun. The group was great, everyone worked hard and improved through the day. It is very rewarding for us to try to help people and see them begin to understand how to communicate with their horses. We teach mostly horsemanship at our clinics, based on Mom's dressage training. Everyone has to find the skills and drills that work best for them but we teach what works for us and hopefully the students learn something they can take forward as they grow as a rider.

I took a two day break to go with Allan to the Grand Canyon -- kind of a late Valentine's Day trip. There was a bunch of snow on the ground and it was just beautiful. We had a great time.

We are both off to Tucson now. He is already there as the rodeo starts tomorrow. Mom and I will follow on Sunday. We are scheduled to run Sunday and then again Friday. Hoping for great results, we like Tucson and have always been blessed to do well there.

Wishing everyone a great weekend! More updates next week!


 1/25/2010 1:26:11 AM  


WOW! That's a lot of rain. Hope everyone out here in the west survived the flood!

We were planning on going down to Buckeye for the Pac West race this weekend but thought better of it after both I-40 and Hwy 93 were closed out of Kingman on Thursday and part of Friday and then it SNOWED! That was all Friday. Tornado warnings in Phoenix pretty much sealed the deal for us. Hate to have to admit it, but sometimes we are fair weather barrel racers.

Heard the race went well, lots of fast times. We were sorry to miss it, Pac West almost puts on a good race.

I rode today for the second time since the Greg Olson, dodging little lakes all over the arena. It felt good to be back in the saddle, I get a little testy when I am cooped up too much. Plus Allan is gone to Fort Worth for three weeks so it all adds up to a sorry mood for me!

Anyway, the sun was shining today and it's supposed to stay good tomorrow too. From there . . . well, they are saying MORE RAIN. I know we need it and I keep trying to comfort myself with the thought of the pretty wildflowers the desert will sprout before long.

Hoping to go run barrels someone this week . . . maybe even rope!

Best wishes to everyone and prayers for those who suffered anything from the big storm.

take care -- j


 1/20/2010 1:43:09 AM  


Greg Olson Memorial

What a smokin' fast race! We were just amazed at all the short seventeens that were being run at the race in Buckeye, Arizona this weekend. And then Ryan Lovendahl through in a 16.67 on a standard course. Wow. Barbara Merrill ran a similar time on Friday in the derby. All I can say is WOW - amazing horses and riders.

We had a nice time this weekend, got to spend time with our friends Jeff and Bonnie Lemaire. They live in Wickenburg and we decided to stay with them rather than staying at the arena. It was fun, haven't had a chance to hang with them in awhile. We even got to have lunch with Bonnie's daughter, Betsy Nunn, and her kids, Wyatt, Lily, and Ethan. What a crew -- we laughed a bunch.

The race was fun and we were happy with the critters, though we didn't win a ton. Everyone fell in the cracks on Friday but worked good. On Saturday, Belle ran a 17.56 which was just right for the 2D -- wahoo, money! Belle has never failed to win a check at this race for me. Even this year being kinda fat and not in the best shape. She did enjoy her two months off!

Sophie got a 3D check. She worked nice but was short. Which is exactly what Mom and I have been working for! So progress there. Daisy did great, she and Mom are finding their timing together. She is an awesome mare and will be one to watch in the future.

On Sunday, everyone worked well again but no money this time around. Belle got a bit slower but still worked nice. Daisy ran a beautiful 17.3 which was perfect in the 2D until Ryan's 16.67 moved the scoreboard. She does it so easy and effortlessly! Fun to watch. Sophie ran a 17.5 but we drug the first barrel. She almost never gets one so we aren't too worried about that. Both she and Daisy ran new fast times for them on a standard. It's so exciting to see the progression with them.

It's been raining now, off and on, for two days and the rain is supposed to keep coming. I know we need the moisture but does it have to come all at once?!?! Not too sure if we are going to get to ride at all this week so we may  not make the Pac West race this weekend in Buckeye. I am bummed, I like their races and always seem to have good luck. This one looks to be a lucrative race too. Maybe we can still get it done . . .

Hope you are all staying dry! Best wishes until next time -- j


 1/10/2010 1:26:54 AM  


Welcome to 2010 everyone. We kicked our year off by going down to Campbell's Ranch in Lake Havasu City for an NBHA barrel race. We are coming back to this facility on Feb 14 for our first clinic of the year, and we are really looking forward to it. What a nice place, great for a clinic. Met some nice people down there, too. If you want info on the clinic, send me an email at lautaret@frontiernet.net.

The race was fun -- a double header. Mom rode Daisy and won the first race. I rode Sophie and Belle and had a little heck. Belle has been off since the World's Toughest Cowboy event in November and she and I both were rusty! Sophie was a little too free but we ended up winning the 3D. Gotta love it when your mistakes earn you $$$$ !

I ran both girls in the second race. Belle was much better, getting quicker on the second one. She and I were winning the race until Sophie and I ran. Sophie really smoked a run! It was very fun, she was tight on all her turns and did things right. She was the only horse in the 1D and Belle ended up winning the 2D. So, it ended up being a really nice day. It's always fun when your horses work but it was so nice to go to a close one with awesome weather.

We are looking forward to the Greg Olson next weekend. We have always had good luck at this one and there is Future Fortunes bonus money for the open race, which Belle is eligible for since she is by Sticks an Stones. Hoping I will have a little more of the belly gone before next weekend!

Hope everyone had a blessed and fabulous Christmas and New Year's. We completely enjoyed ours. My fiancee Allan and I went to Red Bluff, California for New Year's. He judged the annual bull riding and we got to visit his daughters, Myriah and Allie. We had a good time, we got to hang out with some friends along the way. I stopped an visited my friend Faye, who was my roommate in college. She has been battling cancer for four years now and the doctors originally gave her just months to live -- she is such an inspiration in faith. God bless her!

 Happy New Year to everyone, hope 2010 is blessed for you.

take care, j


 12/15/2009 6:49:52 PM  


BFA Futurity

Well, we survived the cold temps and the snow/sleet on the way home.  I just don't do winter!

We had a lot of fun at the BFA Futurity but I was sure disappointed in my riding.  Daisy won 9th in the opening round with a smooth, little gallup through.  Her time ended up being the 11th fastest of the qualifying rounds.  So excited to win some 1st go cash and run a good time but I knew that Daisy and I had much more to give.

The second round we got outta sync into the first and ended up dragging it leaving. 

We made the short go, which was really neat, but I got ahead of my horse and hit the second barrel!  Dang it -- Daisy still clocked pretty good for the mistakes and I just know she had a real good chance to place amongst the top few. We ended up 36th and won some money.  I love this horse!  She does it so easily and fluidly. Mom did such an amazing job training her.  I was so bummed out that I made that mistake but, as Mom pointed out, we will be winning on her for a long time so this is not like it's the end of her career.

Sophie and I had some issues in the derby.  The first run we got past the first turn a bit and then she fell down at the third.  With all of that, she still clocked a 16.0 -- it took a 15.6 to make the short go!  She sure can run and can clock.  The second run was smoother but not fast enough.  I think we made some progress, though, and I am still proud of her and the job I did as jockey.  Wish I could have had more than one run before the big money to prepare.

Anyway, we got to stay with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Butch is El Reno, right down the road from the Fairgrounds.  It is always nice to have a place to stay and for the horses to not be stuck in the barn with all the rest, on pavement.  They were happy and so were we.  It was fun and big thanks to Aunt Nancy for all the home cooked meals.  You have no idea how much we appreciate that when we are on the road.

I also want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes while we were there.  It feels good to know you have friends behind you, no matter what.

Now we are home and looking forward to Christmas!  

Hope everyone's holidays are full of blessings.  take care, jolee


 11/29/2009 7:41:27 PM  


WPRA World Finals

Well, it's been several weeks since the WPRA Finals but I am just beginning to feel caught up!  We had a decent finals, sure would have loved to win more, but can't complain because we won some!

Daisy and I won sixth in the opening go of the futurity and finished just out of the money in round two.  We ended up fifth in the average.  We were thrilled at how good she did -- we got drug down in the ground a bit on day two but Daisy is starting to get so much more solid, making the same moves in each run.  We are just so excited about her future.

Mom rode Sophie and they didn't catch any checks.  It was a bit disappointing because they entered the finals second for the year end by just a single point.  But, I think that they are champs in my book -- given the situation, that Mom had brain surgery just a month prior to the finals, they did awesome!  They were 1D both days.  We know both of them can do better, but given the circumstances at the time, it was very cool that they were even there competing.

Sophie finished the season fourth in the year end and Daisy was seventh.  What a testament to Mom's training program to have both of her horses in the top ten.  I am so proud of her and both of the girls!

The roping was a bit tougher on us.  With Twinkie still fighting a torn ligament, I was stuck riding my (very) green horse Smoochie in the heading.  He had been away from home just twice to rope prior to the Finals.  He is kinda nervous and goofy anyway, so the conditions in Tulsa were a bit much for him, though he wasn't bad.  The arena is pretty short and the cattle were really roped out, way above Smoochie's pay grade at the moment, for sure.  So, we really struggled but we did catch a go round check in round three.  In hindsight, we kinda wished we hadn't entered, between being on the colt and Mom just getting healed up but we were happy to win part of our fees back anyway.

Now that we are rested up and full of delicious Thanksgiving dinner, we have turned out sights on the BFA in Oklahoma City in a couple of weeks.  Should be fun, neither of us has ever been there before so we will be rookies!  I think the plan is to have me run both the girls this time.  I am sorry that Mom can't ride them, she has been looking forward to this all year and has done such a tremendous job with these fillies.  But, I am excited to be competing on Sophie for only the second time ever.  Mom's horses are a treat to ride, so easy and no problems to deal with!  Just FUN, FUN, FUN.

Sophie is entered in the Derby since she is five so I think that might be a bit tough for her but she is so gutsy and so talented, ya just never know.  Daisy, of course, is in the futurity.  Can't wait to get there!

Before I go, I will be in Las Vegas for a day or so.  The WPRA Board voted to honor me with their Media Award this year.  I sure appreciate the recognition, it was a nice gesture from them.  I have to give a lot of credit to the gals that I wrote about this year -- so many great stories out there, and ladies who love their horses!  Most of them make it pretty easy for me to write a story. 

Anyway, that's all for now -- take care to all!  jolee


 11/4/2009 7:43:54 PM  


Exciting News!

I have decided to sell two embryos out of Belle next year and hopefully, raise one of my own.  I am so excited about seeing Belle's bloodlines continue on.  She is an amazing horse -- of course, the breeding is there with Sticks an Stones, Belle's daddy, a proven barrel horse sire.  She is out of an appendix mare and has a speed index of 91, earning her ROM in Racing for the American Quarter Horse Association before we ever turned a barrel together.

I am looking forward to seeing how much of her heart with come through in her offspring.  She is seventeen this year and yet, still was able to qualify for Pocatello, the Dodge National Circuit Finals for 2010, finishing second in the Turquoise Circuit.  She won second at the big Tucson Rodeo -- our best finish there ever.  At age 17!  We made the finals in Salinas for the fourth time in five trips there. 

Obviously, I am so proud of Belle.  She has been an awesome horse, and I can't wait to see her babies in the arena too!

Take care, jolee


 11/1/2009 12:43:46 AM  


Back in the saddle again!

I went to a barrel race in Pahrump, Nevada today.  It felt so good to be back at it.  Seems like a long time since our last runs, back at the Circuit Finals.

I went alone, which is strange for me.  But I had fun, got help from my friends Bobette Lee and Curtis Fitzgerald.  I won 2nd on Belle.  I was so thrilled with her run, she is usually so flat after a lay-off, especially as long as this one was.  I am just trying to get her picked up a bit for the Toughest Cowboy event next weekend in Glendale.  We got invited to the one in 2008 and won it!  It was so fun and this time, my fiancee is judging so it will be like a teeny little vacation with work.  If that makes sense at all.

I also ran our futurity girls.  They were needing a run as they have been off as well.  I had never run Sophie before and WOW what fun she is.  We had major pilot error tipping the third barrel but she would probably have given Belle a run for second.  Next time I will try harder to stay out of the way!!!

Daisy is having some baby ups and downs.  It was a dirty trick for her to win those barrel races with me and then act like the four year old she is -- HA.  She will be fine, just typical baby stuff.  We are not adjusting to the bigger arenas yet, all of our best runs have been indoors.

Anyway, the weather was awesome and it felt good to be out.  I met Allan in Vegas on my way home and had a nice dinner, too.

Mom is doing well but still gets tired easy.  She wanted to go today but I think it was probably a good move to stay home and rest.  She is hoping to be ready to run Sophie and rope with me at the WPRA Finals in Tulsa, which starts in a couple of weeks.  I hope she will be ready too.  I am just so thankful that she is OK.

Well, enough for now -- Happy Halloween to all.  Take care, j


 10/23/2009 1:27:34 PM  



Just wanted to let everyone know that we got the second opinion on the biopsy for Mom's brain tumor.  The second opinion is NO CANCER!  We are so thrilled that she will not have to go through more radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments.  The doctor recommends a repeat MRI to check on things in a couple of months.

Just want to say thank you to everyone for your prayers, they really do work!  Best wishes to you all.

take care, jolee


 10/16/2009 1:22:17 AM  


Thanks for all the prayers!

Just wanted to post a quick thank to everyone who has called, emailed, and texted me since Friday.  We so appreciate everyone's prayers and well wishes.  For those who don't know, Mom suffered a seizure on Thursday which led to doctors discovering a brain tumor.  She had surgery to remove it on Sunday.  We are home now from the hospital and she is doing great!  We don't know yet what further treatment will be required, probably radiation.  Should know all that soon.

Just want to ask everyone to keep praying for her during whatever treatment is needed.  She is so tough and with our Lord on our side, we know she will come through this just fine.

Thanks again to everyone.  take care and love to you all, jolee


 10/8/2009 9:44:38 PM  


Turquoise Circuit Finals Rodeo, Las Cruces, NM

The circuit finals were not quite what we hoped for from our horses but the ending result was just fine.  I entered the finals trailing circuit leader Kelsi Elkins by about $1100.  Not enough to be unreachable but I knew Belle was not on top of her game and Kelsi's gray horse has been working awesome.  She had a terrific summer and placed in the top bunch at most of the big rodeos.

The first night was kind of a wreck for us.  Belle did not fire and blew really wide off the third barrel.  We were really slow.  Mom had to ride Sophie as Twinkie is still injured.  They put the second barrel right under the huge video screen and the speakers.  Unfortunately, it was just too much for such a green baby and Sophie lost sight of the barrel.

Night two was for re-grouping.  I went to a different bit and Mom and Sophie went for a clean, smooth run.  They made the pattern, though Sophie was still looking around at the second and got a little lost at the third.  Belle fired  better but missed the first a bit and still blew wide on the third.  So, still too slow.

Meanwhile, Kelsi was sorta giving us all a clinic.  She won the opening round by two-tenths of a second and was second on night two by one one-hundredth behind another great grey -- Erin Parsons and her tough horse.

Good news, bad news by day three.  Kelsi was winning the average and had pretty much sealed up the year end.  Should she win both, second in the year end gets the second berth to the DNCFR in Pocatello.  I was sitting second but in danger of getting passed by both Kyna Schrader and Erin.   Bottom line was we needed a check.

The third go round is drawn for positions and I drew first.  I almost never draw good in a random draw, like in the short go's, so I took this as a sign of good things to come.  Belle flew in there and nailed the first two turns.  The third was still a little wide but she ran so much harder.  It felt more like my horse from several years ago -- so much fun!  We posted a 16.77 -- better than our other two times by half a second and a time that placed in both previous go's. 

The problem with first is  . . . you have to sit there through all the rest to see if you end up winning anything.  So the sweating began!  Kelsi ran third and posted a 16.41.  The fastest time of the rodeo by two tenths, her horse was spectacular.  So, second for me so far with nine to go and only four monies to be paid.

Nikkie Gosney and her great gelding Tuffy ran a smokin' pattern, clipping the third barrel such that it tipped way over but stayed up.  They were 16.66.  So third now with about five to go and some of the toughest ones of the weekend left.

Last year's champ Sarah Kieckhefer gave Belle and I a run for our money, clocking a 16.78 -- just a hair behind us.  I finally breathed a sigh of relief as the final gal ran and I stayed in for third place money.

Now the waiting began.  I had no idea if the check was enough.  Erin had placed in two rounds and won second in the average behind Kelsi and Kyna had placed in two rounds and won third in the average. 

In the end, we stayed second by just about $200 and won $551 on the final run.  If Belle had not pulled that run out, we would have been bumped down and not gotten the chance to go to Pocatello.  I am sooo excited to qualify again -- the DNCFR is probably the most fun rodeo of the year and I have been so lucky to go before and now, to go again.

It is doubly sweet because Belle is pretty much going to be retired now.  She may run at a few next year but will not be the main horse, nor will I probably be going to many rodeos.  I am not sure when our young horses will be at the point where you can realistically set a goal to make the DNCFR so this could be my last one for a while and it's such an honor to get to go.  Only two people from each circuit get to go every year!  I am so excited, I have no idea what I will run there, but I am so excited.

Meanwhile, Mom and Sophie started a heck of a run in the final round.  She got around the first two very quickly but kinda got lost at the third again.  It is open at that end, with a lot of people milling around back there.  Just a tough pen for a young horse.  But she went from NT on the first, to an 18.3 on the second and a 17.4 on the final one.  Gotta be proud of her for coming back and getting better each night.  Next time we make the CFR, she will be ready, I know it.

I would like to say congratulations to Kelsi on winning the circuit.  What an accomplishment for anyone and especially for a rookie.  She certainly deserved and earned all the awards.

Rodeo never stops and we are off this weekend to Cave Creek, Arizona for a new rodeo to our circuit.  It will be the first of the 2010 season.  After this, we get a break from pro rodeos until after the new year.  I miss the pro shows but we have lots of babies to ride and train so we won't be without work to do.

Until next time -- take care, jolee


 10/6/2009 5:12:11 PM  


Wow, the last weeks of September really flew by -- can't believe we are already eating Halloween candy.

I'll have to go back a bit for the update.  We went to Gillette, Wyoming for the Fizz Bomb Futurity, September 18-20.  What a nice event, well run and lots of fun.  We were so looking forward to going because our babies have been working so great.  Unfortunately, they are BABIES -- a little inconsistency is to be expected.

Mom ran Sophie -- OBD Heart and Soul -- and I ran Daisy -- Down Home Daisy.  I have to admit I was kinda nervous.  One thing I have never done much of in my career is run at futurities, certainly never any of the real big ones.  Daisy and I got off kilter on the first run and brushed the first barrel over leaving.  Man -- I was so disappointed.  Our time would have placed in the round!  Daisy never hits barrels so I guess we had to chalk that one up to rider error.

We came back and did much better the second go, placing in the round thirteenth.  I was happy to get a little money out of the deal.  We would have come back ninth to the short go which was such a bummer!  But, that's the way it goes in barrel racing sometimes.

Sophie was not herself all weekend.  She was a bit lost on the first round, better on the second and made the short round in twentieth.  Her final round run was by far the smoothest and Mom ended up fifteenth in the average.  So they made a bit of money too.  We were a bit disappointed because Sophie never really made one of her good runs but to finish fifteenth out of 130 some horses is still pretty impressive.  And, we know she will do nothing but get better.

We stopped at Alburquerque on the way home from Wyoming for the New Mexico State Fair Rodeo.  That was kind of a mess -- Belle hasn't felt right and she slipped really bad at the first barrel.  I don't know why, the ground seemed good to me.  Mom ran Daisy and that was tough for a baby, the first barrel comes at ya pretty fast.  We decided to gather ourselves up a bit and went home without running the second round.

That week was nuts!  The Kingsmen, the group responsible for putting on Kingman's Andy Devine Days PRCA rodeo, also hosts a WPRA rodeo with their event and Mom and I do a lot of the ground work for them.  We take entries, get the cattle, and I secretary the event.  The Kingsmen also have a junior barrel race in the pro rodeo -- which the crowd absolutely loves! -- and I handle the details on that as well.

It's very rewarding, and I love having a place here at home to rope for WPRA points, but it sure is HECTIC!  I did a morning radio show for the guys, which was fun.  I nearly pulled my hair out trying to get all the details handled so that the production ran well.  I have so much respect for the volunteers on rodeo committees and barrel race producers -- I think everyone needs to participate in that process a few times and they would have a whole new understanding of why the little things that bug us contestants are not always the most important on a committee person's plate.

At any rate, I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the Kingsmen and my pal, Bob Rose, for hosting us and giving us a nice purse to run at.  Thanks as well to Bob Dean, our ground man extraordinaire, for keeping the conditions fair and consistent all weekend.

We were supposed to go to the pro rodeos in Poway, CA, Pahrump, NV and San Bernardino, CA as well that weekend but we ran to Scottsdale to the vet one day and got bad news.  Twinkie has torn a ligament in his hind leg which won't be well for some time.  Belle was sore as well, which I suspected by the way she was acting and running.  So she got the weekend off in hopes of feeling good enough for the Circuit Finals.

So we ran at Kingman for the rodeo, of course.  The little girls were up -- they have been getting more rodeo action than we really intended but that's how it goes.  Sophie did well, and Mom placed seventh in the rodeo.  Yeah, Sophie's first rodeo check!  Daisy got a little out of sync, we have not quite figured out the outdoor arenas yet.  Still, we ended up tenth, they paid eight.  Not too bad really.  Sophie placed third in the women's rodeo as well and Daisy split fourth.

With Twinkie out of commission, I was on a colt for the roping as well.  Beafrayed -- better known as Smoochie -- is six going on two.  He is huge!  He has been doing great here at the house but I had not had the chance to take him to a jackpot yet.  So our first trip away from home was to the rodeo.  With a real barrier.  And a crowd.  And buffalo at the back end of the arena!  Nothing like throwing them into the fire!

He did so well, I was so proud of him.  We need a little work to be ready for the WPRA Finals next month.  But he did great.  In fact, I placed on three of my four runs.  And the one was my fault, I missed and had to fish.  He is fun to rope on, I am exciting about the future with him.

Teri James let us borrow her horse for the breakaway.  That was so nice of her and just one more reason I love going to the women's roping events.  The contestants all pull for each other and are willing to help each other out.  He was fun to rope on and Mom placed both days, including splitting the win on Sunday.

Well, that's the update for now.  We were at the Circuit Finals last weekend -- update on that tomorrow.

take care -- jolee


 9/13/2009 10:32:53 PM  


Well, we ran up to Williams, Arizona, just about two hours east of us for the AWPRA Barrel Race.  It was our last barrel race up there with Bob Dean.  For those who don't know, Bob has run the Williams Labor Day rodeo for many years, until this year, and also has hosted countless barrel races for the Chapter.  The Williams Rodeo used to win the Best Footing award for our circuit darn near every year unless it rained.  Awesome ground!  We missed the Labor Day rodeo a lot this year and it was fun to go up there for the barrel race.  We'll miss those too.

Bob will still be around as our number one ground guy, he also does the ground at the Andy Devine Days rodeo here in Kingman and at the Turquoise Circuit Finals in Las Cruces. 

The barrel race itself wasn't great for us.  Sophie and Daisy were both a little ornery in their runs and ran a bit longer times than they have been.  That's babies for you!  Sophie did win the WPRA futurity side pot.  She has done awesome at the WPRA events this year and is sitting really good in the year end standings.

I hadn't run Belle since Payson so she was really sluggish.  No fire at all.  The ole brat!  She and I will have to work on stepping it up a bit. 

We are entered up during the next few weeks -- we are going to the Fizz Bomb futurity this weekend coming and hitting the pro rodeo in Albuquerque on the way home.  The following week is real busy, we are entered at Poway, CA, Pahrump, NV, Kingman (of course!) and the Kingman WPRA rodeo, and San Bernardino, CA.  In the past, Mom and I have won a bunch at these rodeos and a couple of big wins would sure help the ole pocketbook right now!

Anyway, that's the scoop from here.  We are on the road this next week and I am sure getting used to being home so much, it's hard to want to leave!  It should be a lot of fun, we have never been up there and hear it is a great race. 

Well, hope everyone had a nice weekend and remembered to take a minute on Friday to remember where you were 8 years ago.  I know I will never forget!  Prayers again to the families of those lost and God Bless America.

take care, jolee


 9/9/2009 12:29:32 AM  


The Pirates Treasurer Trove Pac West Barrel Race was a terrific event!  We traveled to King City, California for the event which also featured a futurity for our little girls.  Since Belle got kicked a couple of weeks ago, she has been off so I did not run her, although we brought her along so she could get exercised.

Mom is still having me ride Daisy and what a blast she is!  She is really coming into her own these last couple of months and figuring out how to run barrels.  She is getting a little bit of a big head, she thinks she has it all figured out!

We ran on Friday night in the open race and Daisy posted the second fastest time of about one hundred and sixty riders.  It was so exciting!  She made a great run.  Mom and Sophie had a nice run as well, though not quite fast enough for the money but she is always running in the 1D anymore.

Saturday morning was the first go of the futurity.  Mom and Sophie laid out some fast tracks, posting the fastest time of the weekend at that point.  It was such a smooth, pretty run.  Sophie makes big, strong moves around a barrel and is fun to watch.  It looks a little death defying to me but Mom rides her awesome.

I was so surprised when Daisy came out and ran a few one hundredths faster.  She has so much speed to burn.  What a sweet ride!

We won first and second in the opening round of the futurity and the times held up through nearly two hundred open runners for second and third. 

That night we checked on the girls and found all three of them lying down and resting.  They were funny.  Daisy was even eating hay, while laying down!  She believes in eating everything you give her.  It's so different from Belle and Sophie who are both pretty picky eaters.

On Sunday, the race started earlier and the ground was a bit wetter than the previous day.  It didn't seem to bother either of the girls, although both ran slower.  Daisy spooked a bit at the third barrel but still made a nice run.  She ended up winning the second go and the average.

Sophie was a little cranky on Sunday and didn't turn in quite the run we were hoping for.  Still, it was a solid run that ended up winning fourth in the round and held her at second in the average.  We really couldn't have asked for a better go of it in the futurity.  Neither of the girls ended up winning open money on Sunday but they were awesome nonetheless.

We figured that they ran the fifth and sixth fastest times of nearly seven hundred runs on the weekend.  It is so exciting to have such nice babies for the future and we feel so blessed with them both.

We are looking forward to the Fizz Bomb in a couple of weeks.  We have never been but it should be fun.  This weekend, Belle is back in action at an Arizona WPRA race in Williams, Arizona, just up the road.  She has been off now almost a month so hopefully this will get her back in the swing of things before Albuquerque and the good rodeos coming up at the end of the month.

Best wishes to you all -- jolee


 8/30/2009 3:32:21 PM  


We had an easy weekend, just going to a jackpot last night in Las Vegas.  Vegas is just 100 miles from home so it's an easy drive and about as close a jackpot as we can get.  We took the futurity horses, Sophie and Daisy, and I took my six-year old Smoochie to do time onlys.

The little girls were a bit off their game but both were in the 1D.  Mom and Sophie won fourth in the barrel race and Daisy and I were about seventh.  Nothing awful but they need a little tune up before next week end.

Smoochie is out of a mare we used to run barrels and rope on named Callie. He is huge!  He weighs well over twelve hundred pounds and is just a big ole goof.  We have been roping quite a bit on him and he is doing his mama proud.  So fun to rope on!  He is just about ready to start trying it out at a jackpot somewhere. 

He has been loping barrels for several years but is just real immature.  He kinda had an inconsistent start because Mom was just beginning to battle cancer in late 2005, when Smoochie was two and needed to getting broke.  Then Mom and I ran the WPRA office out of our house for most of 2007 so he got the back burner there again.  He actually lopes a nice pattern here at the house but is still real spooky away from home.  Just one of those slow maturing horses;  he'll probably be a nice barrel horse when he is ten!

Anyway, we had fun at the jackpot as it was very low pressure.  Our friend Susan Hervey went with us.  She bought OBD Too Cool Flirt from us last year and is doing great with her.  They are always dressed to the nines for the races and have a lot of fun.  Mom ran Flirt in the futurities three years ago, inlcuding the first WPRA World Finals futurity in Alvarado, Texas.  They made the short go!  Flirt and Susan are quite a team and we are thrilled that Flirt has such a nice home.  We always joke that we rarely sell a horse, we just inherit more family.

Well, the weather here has been just brutal.  Well over 100 degrees by ten in the morning!  It is making it tough to get all the colts ridden.  Mom has been working on the three year old, "Bad Baby," and she is doing great.  She is by Frenchmans Guy and out of our awesome mare Diesel, LE Easter Bug.  Diesel is a granddaughter of Easy Jet on the top and Bugs Alive in 75 on the bottom.  She was a spectacular head horse -- we even loaned her out for a few big rodeos and the BFI to a good friend of ours.  We have two babies out of her, Baby and Mayday, whose sire is Sticks an Stones.  She is bred this year to Lions Share of Fame.  All her babies are awesome and we can't wait to get to riding them.

Hope you all have a great week -- bet everyone is looking forward to the long weekend coming up and (HOPEFULLY) some cooler temperatures!!!

take care, jolee


 8/22/2009 12:23:11 AM  


Last weekend went really well for us and we are getting really excited about the two futurity horses.  We went to Payson, Arizona for a WPRA women's rodeo as well as the PRCA rodeo and also to Camp Verde for another WPRA rodeo.  Lots of roping and barrel racing.

The Payson women's rodeo went really well.  Mom and I won the team roping and I won the breakaway.  We were first out in both events so I was surprised to be able to make runs which held up for the wins through two days of competition.  Plus, I won the barrel race on Belle and Mom was second on Twinkie.  So that was a fun and great event.

We went on to Camp Verde on Friday where the roping was a little rougher.  We had no luck in the breakaway but I won the last hole in the team roping with my second partner, Toni Tyree. 

Thank goodness for the barrels!  Belle made a decent run and we ended up winning third.  I was thrilled to win a check but the best was the babies!  Mom and Sophie ran less than a tenth off of Belle's time and ended up fifth while Daisy ran just a few hundredths off of Belle.  She was fourth.  Unfortunately, Twinkie caught the first barrel but would have placed second.

We were already on cloud nine over how well the little girls did before Saturday's race event began.  Daisy surprised us all running the fastest time of the weekend to win the entire race!  It is so much fun riding these young horses as they are beginning to run harder and turn harder and are really trying.  Mom won second on Twinkie and third on Sophie.  Sophie did a good job, too.  Belle ran fourth and was the slowest of the horses in our trailer -- that is a weird fact but truthfully so exciting for us going into the future.

We went back to Payson on Sunday for our rodeo runs.  Belle was a little off and I was relieved to still win a check, splitting fifth and sixth.  Twinkie did not have his best run as he was a little sore from the long weekend of roping and barrels.  Mom ended up eleventh, one out of the money.

Payson was our last rodeo before the circuit finals.  Belle and I ended up second in the season standings.  I would love a chance to go to Pocatello again so I am looking forward to the circuit finals and the chance to maybe get qualfied for the DNCFR.  The circuit finals are in Las Cruces again this year, the first weekend of October.  I have never run Belle in that arena as the first year in that arena was 2007 when the barrel race was PWBR and last year Belle was hurt and I had to vet release.  I hope she will like it and run well there.

Mom also has qualified for the circuit finals again, this is about her 20th qualification.  She is thinking of running Sophie and I think that will be good watching.  Sophie has a fun style to watch.

We have another weekend off which is nice as last week was tiring!  We took eight horses with us as we were gone for five days and needed to ride the other young horses.  That was too much work!  It was great for the young ones, like our three year old Frenchmans Guy filly who had never been off the place.  She did awesome, what a good mind, she is so quiet and smart.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Take care, jolee


 7/27/2009 10:58:16 PM  


We took a weekend off and it was really nice!  We went to Southern California for a couple of days, hung out at the beach, and just took a little break in the action.  Sometimes it helps to just take some time away from the usual grind, even if you like the usual grind.  ; -)

We are back home and back to work.  It is a rude awakening to be back in 107 degree heat.  Boy, it has been hot summer.

We are gearing up for the Cedar City AW4D race along with the Monticello, UT CPRA rodeo this weekend.  Monticello has been good to us in the past so we are hoping for that to continue.  Mom and I get to breakaway and team rope together in the mixed team roping, which is fun.  We actually won it last year.

The futurity girls, Sophie and Daisy, will be back in action at the Cedar City race.  Daisy has had time off from making runs, which has been good for her but she is ready to get back to it.  She is four so she is entered at the OKC Futurity in December.  Both the girls are entered at the Fizz Bomb in September in Gillette, WY.

Mom and I are going to be a little closer to home, mostly, and getting to rope more, which is good.  Sometimes I prefer getting to rope over always just running barrels.  Plus, it gives us more chances to win some money!

We are also looking at our schedule to host some clinics this fall.  We always have a good time at our clinics.  If you are interested in having us come to your area, please email me and we'll see about setting something up!  You can reach me at lautaret@frontiernet.net.

Well, take care and stay cool!



 7/20/2009 2:23:39 PM  


California Rodeo Salinas -- We got home about five this morning from Salinas.  Belle loves this rodeo;  they run the barrels on the track so it is really short from first to second and definitely unique.  I like these rodeos where it is different from the usual.  Plus, the committee is so good, they give you a goody bag of stuff, have a great hospitality with fresh strawberries, and the weather is such a nice break from the hot, hot at home.

Belle did well, as she always has here.  I have been really lucky.  Belle has run five times here, winning first in 2003, second in 2004, third in 2006, and this year 10th.  The only year we did not do well was last year when Belle was just coming off her layoff from surgery to remove bone chips in her ankles.

This year started well, winning fifth in the opening round.  We had a bit of pilot error on the second go which made us kinda long.  Belle really worked nice in the third go, the ground was a bit deeper which has given her trouble this year but she made a nice run.  We went into the short round in tenth.

Our short go run started really awesome with two very fast turns but Belle blew pretty wide off the third which cost us a lot of time.  It was our fastest run of the weekend but was not enough to move up in the average.  Still we won a good chunk of money and had fun so it worked out fine.

The short round was really tough with no barrels knocked over -- that is really saying something on that short track.  I think all the times were pretty close with Sheena Robbins winning it with a 16.0, Shelly Morgan second with a 16.1 and then a bunch of 16.2's and 16.3's.

Mom ran her five year old Sophie and she did really well.  She kinda missed the third barrel on her first run which made her time longer than she wanted.  But she ran a pair of 16.8's on the second two and really handled the short distance to the second better than a lot of the open horses.  I think by this time next year, she will really be one to watch at Salinas. 

Anyway, we made it home and I think we are all wore out.  We were entered at the Utah rodeos this week but I think Belle needs a break so we will take some time off and try to decide if we should go to Dodge City or not.  I am still lurking close to making the Tour Finale but sure need to win a couple of big checks to get over the hump.  I am not sure if that is in the cards with the cost of going so high and with an older horse.  We'll take a week or so and think about it.  We will definitely go to Lovington as this is a circuit rodeo.

Right now, the plan is play it by ear!

Take care -- jolee


 7/12/2009 4:26:15 PM  


Hello to everyone!  I apologize for not keeping up with my journal in the last couple of years as well as I should.  I am going to do better and we are working on updating some of the other aspects of the web site as well.  Many thanks to Dave and the crew at Barrel Horse World for hosting my site and working with me to update it a bit.

We are home after a short trip to Wyoming and Colorado.  I have been on the rodeo trail just a bit this year.  Belle is seventeen now so she doesn't need to haul and go as much as we have in the past but I have been hitting some of the places we have done well at before and trying to work a few Tour rodeos.

This last trip was not good at all, we were too slow in Cody, made a big mistake on the third turn in Casper, had heck with the ground at Estes Park, and missed the third barrel at Colorado Springs.  For our second run at the Springs, it rained hard and got the ground muddy.  It was safe but I couldn't run a fast enough time to win any go round or average money so we decided to turn it out.  I hate doing that but I couldn't see risking an injury to my horse when there is no chance to win anything.

Anyway, we are home again briefly and will be going on to Salinas next week.  Belle really likes Salinas and so do I.  It is a fun rodeo.  Hope we have some better luck up there.  We have won about $2000 in the Tour standings so there is still a shot to make the finale in Puyallup.  A good week at Salinas could go a long ways towards that goal.

After Salinas, we will re-evaluate where to go next.  Mom and I both have made our circuit a priority this year so I know we will go to the remaining circuit rodeos, including another Tour stop out in Lovington, NM.  I have only been over there once and did manage a check so hopefully that will be a good omen for this year's race.  I am entered at Dodge City but not sure if I will go or not. 

Mom has spent a lot of time over the last year or so working on our two up-and-comers in the barrels, Sophie who is 5 and Daisy, 4.  They are such great babies, we are sure blessed with them and Mom has done an amazing job of training them.  They have run at some futurities with both winning some money.  Daisy is a little behind Sophie but we entered her at the OKC Futurity in Dec.  We have never been to it but think it will be fun. 

Twinkie injured a hind ankle and has been on R&R so Mom actually ran Sophie at a handful of rodeos.  She did awesome!  She is very hot blooded but has handled the rodeo performances really well--she focuses on those barrels.  In fact, Mom was just out of the money at several of them.  We are really excited about the future with these two.

Well, that's it for now.  More news next week from Salinas. 

take care,



 10/21/2008 1:05:22 AM  


Well here it is almost Halloween and I have not posted in months.  This year has been very trying for me in the competition arena.  I was so thrilled to get things worked out between the WPRA and PRCA and get to rodeo some this year but have had trouble keeping Belle healthy.

She recovered from the surgery to remove the bone chips really well.  I was able to take her to Salinas, one of our favorite rodeos, in July and she did really well.  I did not win anything but she felt good and tried hard.  Not bad for the first runs out of the gate, I did not even take a practice run anywhere before going to the rodeo!

It's kinda been downhill from there.  Belle got sick and was off a couple of weeks.  When we started back, we took a couple of bad slips at a couple of rodeos and she came up sore again.  She is so tough, it is hard to tell when she is hurting because she never shows it.  But we figured out that she had pulled a ligament in a hock. 

Because of that injury, I had to vet release out of the circuit finals.  That was tough because I went anyway to watch Mom and to fulfill director duties.  I have found that I am not a very good spectator, I would much rather be competing or not there at all.  It was a very good finals, though.  The committee does a great job and they had good crowds.  They put a lot of work in to make sure the contestants were taken care of and I really appreciate their hard work.

I am just going to start back on Belle, hoping she may be able to compete by the WPRA World Finals Rodeo in November.  As a member of the Finals committee, I have spent quite a few hours helping organize things for the Finals.  After all that time, I sure want to get to run!

I do get to rope in the team roping and breakaway.  I did terribly in the teams until the last couple months of the season.  I was glad to finally get it together.  Mom and I will rope together and then I get to heel for April Harms.  Mom will head for April.  I love that the WPRA has opened up the qualifications for the ropers and given people like me the chance to compete on the other end from where I ususally do.  It's a lot of fun and I hope we have some luck.

This last week I was so thrilled and honored to get to attend the Women's Sports Foundation's Annual Salute to Women in Sports and to participate in the Grand March of Athletes.  It is a bit overwhelming to find yourself in the midst of Olympic athletes, many of whom I watched on TV in August, and WNBA stars.  Most of the ladies are really nice, down to earth people and I appreciate getting to visit with them during the rehearsal, athlete's lunch, and the gala itself.  I also got the chance to meet and visit with the WSF Founder Billie Jean King.  I am amazed at her energy and tireless giving to others.

The event was held at the Waldorf=Astoria in NYC.  I had never been to New York so that was wild.  I have actually been lucky to travel a lot in my life, not just in rodeo but as a kid I got to visit Europe and Saudi Arabia with my grandparents but New York is a whole other deal.  It was a whirlwind trip -- I flew an all night red eye flight from Sacramento where I was visiting friends with my fiancee to Newark, NJ airport.  The WPRA First Frontier Director, Kathi Myers, picked me up at about 6:30 AM and we went to her daughter's apartment in West New York, which is across the Hudson from the city in New Jersey.  She has an amazing view of the skyline and river from her apartment!  After breakfast and short nap, I took a cap through the Lincoln Tunnel to NYC.

What a strange experience that was -- it only took a couple of minutes to go through the tunnel but it felt like traveling to another country.  I can't believe the traffic -- and I have pulled a horse trailer in LA!  Not sure I could do that in New York, the streets are so narrow compared to what I am used to and the drivers just pull where they want to go with no regard for anyone in their path.  We passed Broadway and Radio City Music Hall on our way to the Waldorf.

The Waldorf was beautiful, of course.  I went to a rehearsal in the Grand Ballroom and then a luncheon with the other athletes, Billie Jean, and the staff of the WSF.  After, I took a short walk down Park Ave -- I am goofy because I kept thinking of that line in "Green Acres" about Park Ave.  The older buildings are so interesting with the scrolling and bits of color here and there.  I enjoyed just staring at them.  Then I turned down one street and another and there was the Empire State Building.  I guess being from the west, it is disconcerting to have so many landmarks right on top of one another.

Back at the hotel and the WSF provides you with people to do your hair and make-up for the big night, which is great because I flunked both of those subjects.  The hairdresser was so cool, I really enjoyed visiting with her while she bent my hair to her will.  It sure never looks so good when I style it.

Then to the party itself.  There were nearly 1000 people there and the place was filled with tremendous energy.  Diana Nyad, the swimming great, emcees the Grand March and does an incredible job.  It was unreal to cross that stage with all those people and following Michelle Kwan, Shawn Johnson, Janet Guthrie and so many others.  I just feel like such a goof -- when we left the stage we had to march up the middle of the room in the spotlight and there were these photographers there taking pictures as we walked.  I just kept hoping I wouldn't trip on my heels and fall on them!  What a nerd.

We had a ton of fun and then drove home through Times Square.  That was interesting, I always had this vision of it as a huge place but it's really only a block or so.  Strange.

The next day was planes, trains, and automobiles.  We took a bus into the city and a cab down to Ground Zero.  They are rebuilding there but it was still an eerie feeling.  To this day I remember where I was and watching it all unfold on TV.  I can't believe it has been 7 years.

We took the subway, another first had no idea how hot and  noisy it is down there.  We got off on 5th Avenue and strolled down to Rockafeller Plaza.  Along the way we saw St Patrick's Cathedral and Saks and Cartier.  No shopping there but it was fun to look in the windows.  We went to the top of Rockafeller and took in the view.  That was so awesome!  We could see Central Park and everything else so well.  After a slice of pizza, it was back to the bus to go home to New Jersey, gather my stuff and head for the airport.  Kathi and her daughter, JimiBeth, said we should have taken the ferry home, then we would have taken every type of transportation available that day!

I was so tired when I finally got home to Arizona but what fun.  I can't wait to take a vacation there and have the time to really see the sights.  Not sure when, but got to pencil it in somewhere!

Well, that's the news for now.  Mom and I are leaving next week for the USTRC Finals in OKC and the Cruel Girl Championships roping.  Should be fun, we get to stay with my Aunt Nancy in El Reno, right up the road.  Can't wait to go.

Until next time, take care to all.



 5/1/2008 3:31:02 PM  


I can't believe how quickly time gets away.  A lot of news to report since last time.

First, Belle is out of commission for awhile.  She has been very up and down for the last year or so but never seemed sore.  After Laughlin where she was just awful, I finally decided I needed to get her to Dr. Kaufman.  After watching her go and even flexing her front ankles, we still weren't seeing anything major.  But, thank goodness, we decided to take some X-rays.  We found a chip broken away from the bone.

We were so fortunate to be able to get her to surgery within a few days and while on the table, they took more X-rays of the other ankle and found more chips!  In all, she had about ten of them in both ankles, no telling how long they had been there.  I felt so bad that I had been mad at her for not working but she never limped or acted sore in any way.

Dr. Kaufman said she should have been dead lame;  obviously, Belle is too tough for her own good.

So now she is on the road to recovery and is already tired of stall rest.  We have been getting to go for walks which she likes but she is stuck in a confined area for a while longer.  The prognosis is three months off, surgery was April 6, so we may be back in action as quick as July.  But we'll just see how she is doing and make sure everything is good before we get too carried away.

Twinkie is once again called to active duty.  Though we haven't been going much.  Mom's horse Bo cut his foot badly so she is down to the green horses so probably nothing but maybe a circuit rodeo or two for us for awhile.  With the fuel already at $4.08/gal, we are pretty limited as to where we will go.  Think everyone is in that bind and it's going to be so tough on the rodeo business.

For good news, Mom was honored by the Women's Sports Foundation at their Billies Awards in Beverly Hills.  Wow, what a night that was!  It was black tie and very inspirational.  It is amazing to see that other women's sports are struggling with the same issues that we are in rodeo but it is uplifting to see the successes that are being made.

Anyway, Mom was honored with fifty other female athletes, women like Michelle Kwan, Tamika Catchings, Tracy Austin, and of course Billie Jean King.  After the awards program, Elton John performed for about an hour.  It was so much fun!  There is more information on the Women's Sports Foundation and the Billies on their website, www.WomensSportsFoundation.com.

Other than that, we have just been riding some colts and roping some here and there.  It is nice to be at home after so many hours on the road.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the spring.

take care,



 3/13/2008 1:39:55 AM  


Whew!  That's about all I can say.  After finally coming to an agreement with the PRCA and about six weeks of crazy trying to run the WPRA office with all the transition issues, I am relieved to have packed up the computers, file cabinets, and everything else to ship back to Colorado Springs.  The WPRA once again has a national headquarters being manned by paid staff instead of Mom and I.  Quite a weight lifted from our shoulders when we saw that moving truck pull out of the drive.

And so, back to the business of rodeo!  We have been to four pro rodeos and it was a little weird being back at the rodeos after basically a year away.  Especially Tucson, a big rodeo.

Belle has not been on the best behavior lately, including a very lackluster showing at Yuma, Az.  I was really not wanting to go to Tucson after that but Mom talked me into it.  As usual, mother knows best.  Belle likes that arena for some reason . . . though we did not place in the two preliminary rounds, we made the short round, sqeaking in at 11th.  I was really proud of Belle, the other ladies have all been on the road rodeo-ing for the last year plus the first months of this year.  They are certainly sharper than we are, having been only doing some jackpots and regional rodeos.

Then she topped herself by making her best run in the short go, one that got pretty dicey with some questionable ground.  We won third in the round and moved all the way to fifth in the average.  After making the finals there on many occasions, this was actually our highest average finish.  It was fun.

I followed that glowing weekend up with a terrible ride at Scottsdale, hitting a barrel for what probably could have been a check.  Guess I am still a little out of sync!  Belle did make a great run at the GCPRA in Cave Creek for first, I barely stayed aboard!

The weather has been surprisingly good so we have been getting to rope some too and ride the young horses.  Due to the time we had been spending on the WPRA, we have three young horses who are VERY behind in their training and a couple more who are on the verge of being behind.  Guess we will spend the rest of the year trying to catch up.

The roping has been fun, I have been doing pretty well in the breakaway.  Placing consistently which has never been my strong suit.  I have even won a couple of battles of perseverance, placing on bad draws that I had to track down to rope.  Anyway, it has been steady, earning some points to get qualified to both the GCPRA and WPRA finals.

My folks and I entered a big roping in Vegas in a couple of weeks, $50K to the winner.  Can't wait for that one, should be exciting and how do you turn down a chance to win that kind of money, two hours from home?

Going to our fifth rodeo on Friday, Buckeye, Arizona.  Circuit rodeo.  Been drawing all slacks lately but this one we asked for due to me having to fly to Austin for a WPRA Board meeting.  Looking forward to it, though, the WPRA is at an exciting time, sort of like the phoenix rising from the ashes.  A chance to somewhat re-invent ourselves and create bigger and better opportunities for all our members.

Well enough for now.  Hope everyone is getting a little slice of the warm weather.

take care,



 12/31/2007 10:10:27 PM  



The final hours of 2007 are winding down and of course, it is a time to reflect back on the past year.  What a tumultuous time it has been.  I don't remember many years with so many highs and lows but it all ends on a tremendous high note.

After over a year, the WPRA reached our trial date and won!  The moment the verdict was read is one that I will not forget, no matter how long I manage to live.  There were six of us there, plus our attorneys, and of course the rest of the Board was there in spirit.  All we could do was cry at the overwhelming emotion at finally reaching the end of this particular road.  I am so proud of this Board and our members . . . throughout the trial, as throughout the entire ordeal, we prayed together and separately, constantly asking that God's will would be done and believing that He would lead us to where we were supposed to be.  I truly believe the truth did shine through and I feel honored to have been a part of it.

Many people have asked, what now?  We do not have those answers yet, although we continue, as we have from the very beginning back in 2005, to be willing to negotiate a fair deal with the leadership of the PRCA.  We have put many offers on the table since this began in 2005, none of which were accepted by the PRCA's leaders, and we have put another in front of them since the verdict was handed down.  We pray that a deal can be reached which will protect the members of both organizations and the sport as a whole.

The WPRA Board has no wish to hurt the PRCA or the sport of pro rodeo, and certainly not the cowboys who are our husbands, fathers, brothers, friends.  But we will protect our members and our business to the best of our ability.  Here's hoping 2008 will bring some peace to the rodeo world.

On a personal note, we got a very welcome break from the world, and especially rodeo, with a Christmas trip to Cancun.  WOW!  That is all I can say . . . our hotel room was about ten steps from the Caribbean, it was eighty degrees every day, I made friends with a very cool dolphin named Balam, and, best of all, NO CELL PHONES!  I don't think any of us has been on a vacation like that in about eleven years so it was just the rest we needed.  The only bad part was when we had to come home -- quite a downer to land in Salt Lake where the temp was twenty degrees.

What a whirlwind end to a crazy year.  I figured I was home about eighteen days from the WPRA Finals in October until two days ago.  I rode my horse once from mid-November to December 30.  I haven't missed so many days in the saddle since I was in college and playing basketball.  Have to admit, after the first two days back at it, yikes, am I sore.  Just going to have to grin and get through it, this is the busy time for barrel racing here in Arizona, tons of great jackpots.  Great ground and great money.  And best of all, close to home so we don't spend so much on fuel.  Plenty of places to go run barrels and rope so lots to look forward to!

Well, thanks for visiting with me again.  May the new year bring you peace, prosperity, happiness, and faith.

God Bless and Happy New Year!!!



 11/24/2007 2:39:30 AM  


Well, the time has almost come.  The WPRA's trial against the PRCA begins on Monday, scheduled to go somewhere between five and eight days.  Mom and I are leaving early Sunday to go to Colorado, I have to testify and both of us want to be there to support this association.

It has been a very difficult and trying couple of years for this Board and the members and I sincerely pray that things will be resolved once and for all with the conclusion of the trial.  I deeply regret that it has come to this point but I do not regret anything we did.  We tried to protect our members and do what was fair by them.  Nothing else.

I'm not sure anyone really knows what the Board members have been through personally during this mess.  There have been plenty of attacks against some of us, both publicly and privately.  Hopefully, it will all be put to rest soon.

I read this recently and it spoke to me:  The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you.

Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving.  God Bless.



 11/12/2007 1:28:38 AM  



I am extremely pleased to be able to report that my mom won the WPRA World Championship in the heeling at the WPRA World Finals in Alvarado, Texas.  We had some tough luck going out of the average on our first steer and coming up one out of the money on the second.  The third round, held during the first perf, was no good to us either.  It was starting to get a little tense when we finally stuck one in the fourth round Friday night.  We ended up second in the that round and basically needed to catch something on the final one for Mom to cinch the title.  We did and ended up with an average check and she won the world.

I am constantly amazed at her:  less than two years ago, she was battling cancer, undergoing radiation treatments that left her very weak and tired all the time.  But she always tackles things with a "never weaken" attitude and positive outlook that I find hard to duplicate most of the time.  She is a fighter, a winner, and, most important, a good human being, one of my heroes, in and out of the arena.

The World Finals was a very fun time and a great event.  What a celebration of all the things women can do in rodeo!  There was plenty of barrel racing, as you would expect at a WPRA event, but also breakaway roping, tie down roping, and team roping.  I was very happy with how I roped all week, I ran one breakaway calf all the way through the loop and had to go with a second, but did not win as much as of course I wanted.  I did manage one go round check in the breakaway and a couple of team roping checks as well.

In the barrels, Belle started kinda rough in the first round with a 17.6 that was nearly a plus 5 at the third barrel.  She got quicker and stronger each round, though, ending with a 17.3 in the third go that placed in the round and put me into the last hole of the average.  I was thrilled to win a couple of checks and get some of that entry fee and gas money back!

We saved our best for last, running a 17.14 on Sunday in the Flat Out for Flat Screens 5D race.  It was good enough to win a check in the 1D and in the Adult Incentive, more gas money, yeah!  She felt awesome on that run and I really enjoyed feeling that speed and quickness again.

Mom came into the finals not only winning the heeling but also the all around but just really struggled in the breakaway.  She also had tough luck in the barrels, hitting the third in the third round and cruising to what ended up a 17.1 but probably could have pushed the fast time of the weekend.  Meanwhile, Debbie Robbins, who ended up second in the All Around last year, had an incredible finals, winning around $4800 to take home the title.  I guess if Mom couldn't win, I thought it was nice for Debbie to come back from a tough finals last year and win it all.

On the All Around front, Mom made up for it at our Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association finals.  She placed in both rounds and the average of both the breakaway roping and barrels (she won the barrels!) to take home the All Around Championship.  That is the second time she has won their AA title. 

I went into the finals winning the barrels and AA but didn't really have the weekend I had hoped for:  after not missing a calf in competition since Labor Day, I missed my first loop the first day and it went downhill from there.  Belle and I won the first round of the barrels but had a really bad run the second day.  I was lucky to end up second in the average there but with no go round money, and Mom's spectacular weekend, I ended up second in the AA.  I was really bummed to not do well but thrilled that she won it.  She is always best when she needs to be, another quality that I so admire and wish I was better at.  She can come up with just what she needs to do, just when she needs to do it, more than most people I know.

Belle and I did (barely) hang onto the barrel racing title, which was exciting.  I had never won a year end title in the GCPRA so that was cool.  They gave beautiful saddles to the winners.  It really is a great association that is growing and prospering.  They try very hard to work with all the different aspects of the rodeo business, contestants, committees, contractors, personnel, to make it better for us all.  I sure appreciate everything their Board has done the last couple of years.

We have one more week of rodeo this coming weekend and then Thanksgiving and the WPRA's trial in Colorado Springs.  I am so glad it is finally here, it has been a long, tough year.

Thanks for visiting my site and hope that you all have a safe, blessed holiday season.

More later,

take care,



 8/9/2007 11:22:11 AM  


Well summer is winding down and we can already feel the fall in the air around here.  It has been incredibly busy the last month.  We had a decent Fourth of July and then took a ten day trip at the end of the month to Colorado and Idaho.

We have been focusing on WPRA sanctioned events, of course, such as the Colorado Pro Rodeo Association rodeos and the WPRA All Women's rodeos.  We spent a week in Garden Valley, Iadho for the 9th annual All Women's rodeo series hosted by former WPRA World Champ Jan Youren and her family.  This is a fabulous event, one we all look forward to every year.  It takes place on Jan's family old homestead and is nestled in this beautiful valley.  The arena is in a field and there is a river across the street.  So everyone takes their horses down to the river every day and let's them play in the water.  The whole crew of contestants also took a white water rafting trip on our day off from competition.  We did some Class IV rapids, which was new for me.  It was a blast, even though I got stuck in front of the boat and got soaked at every turn.  Our raft guides even showed up at the rodeo to cheer us on!

I really struggled with my roping while we were there but Belle ran awesome, winning three of the rodeos and taking a second and third.  (Yes, five rodeos in six days!)  Mom did well in everything, picking up quite a few All Around points so she is now the leader for the World Championship in that.  She has been reserve to the World in the all around twice before so it would be so awesome to see her win it all.  No one deserves to win more than she does.

We also hit another AW in Pahrump the first of August.  I got my act together finally in the team roping but my partners both struggled.  That's team roping for you.  Again, Belle was super in the barrels so I won some money there to make it worth the trip.

Things are really heating up for the WPRA with our finals coming in just two months.  This is going to be such a great event.  Hope all of you are making plans to be there, there are so many opportunities to qualify.  And it is not too late to get there this year!  See wpra.com for a late season offer to all you ropers.  We want the full 75 competitors in our team roping, breakaway roping, and tie down roping this year so positions are still available.

The WPRA is also considering sanctioning goat tying next season.  We will be having an open goat tying jackpot at the finals in fact to help gauge interest.  I believe this event will have at least $500 added.  If you are interested in entering, contact Sharon at 541-595-3903.  Please also take a moment to visit wpra.com and take our survey regarding the addition of this event.

I want to take a moment to send prayers out to my dear friend Faye.  We were roommates in college and she was diagnosed with cancer just three months after my mom received her diagnosis.  Though the doctors only gave her a few months to live, she is beating their expectations and is now nearly cancer free.  She has been through radiation, several bouts of chemo, and two brain surgeries.  Through it all, she has kept the faith and been positive of her recovery.  She is amazing!  And so is our Lord who has taken care of her.  Cancer is a terrible disease and taking care of yourself is so important in keeping it away from us.  It is especially difficult for those of us traveling a lot but we all need to try to eat better and exercise!  Fast food is the worst.  At any rate, just a reminder to everyone to take care of yourselves and your loved ones and don't foget to pray.

Well, that's it for now.  Our babies are all growing like weeds--the Sticks an Stones, named her Mayday but my dad calls her Sequel, is huge.  And beautiful.  Not that I am biased or anything.  She sure has a lot of big sis Belle's attitude though.  She is not very friendly.  Hope she turns out as good as big sis.

take care,



 7/12/2007 4:48:40 AM  


Not sure how another month got away from me without updating! 

I guess the time has flown by because we have been so busy.  Mom and I took over the WPRA office for a few months, until our trial with the PRCA is done.  We drove to Colorado right before the end of May and helped move us out of our office on Lake Plaze Drive.  It had been our home since we left Oklahoma in 1995!

We got what we needed and headed home.  It is going OK so far, I think, but I know we are a little behind.  Mostly everyone has been understanding and patient, which is great.  It has been quite a bit of work but I think we are getting the hang of it. 

Things are starting to take shape for the WPRA's first ever Women's World Finals Rodeo.  That is exciting to watch--can't wait for it to get here, I think it is going to be a terrific event.  How cool is it to have a week long celebration of women in rodeo?

Along those lines, Mom and I have been squeezing in some barrel races and ropings here and there, trying to be sure we get qualified to the WWF.  We went to three WPRA barrel races with PRCA rodeos--Tooele, Cedar City, and West Jordan, all in Utah.  HUGE THANKS to those committees for staying with the WPRA.  They were all great rodeos, very enthusiastic crowds and good ground to boot.  Mom won Cedar with a smoking run and I placed at both Tooele and Cedar.  What fun!  Cedar is a brand new rodeo and was a rousing success.  (Plus they fed us dutch oven dinner with home made scones--yum.)

We also went to Reno for the first ever Reno Rodeo Invitational Team Roping--Ladies Only roping.  Another great event--just for us girls!  They had 94 teams and everyone had a great time.  Mom and I won a go round check and came back fourth high call in the big average ($20K to first!) but had some bad luck.  It was so cool to rope for a big paycheck like that against other women ropers.  We'll definitely be back next year.

The Fourth of July was very up and down for us.  Belle ran awesome at Chinle, Arizona but the ground was not great.  We managed a fourth place check, which was good.  I drew the calf to win the breakaway there and pitched it in the dirt--dang it!  Breakaway roping can make you nuts.  Mom ran her calf through her loop and hit a barrel so she was kicking rocks.

We went to the Taylor, Arizona open rodeo, which they have been having forever but we had never been.  It was very fun and paid good too.  They run all the barrel racers in the afternoon and then the top 12 get to run in the perf that night.  I placed sixth on the first one, which I was thrilled with after Belle tripped badly on the first barrel.  Mom got the second barrel.  Coming back that night, Belle did not run well in the finals so we ended up with a goose egg there.

Then we hit the Red Ryder Round Up in Pagosa Springs, CO.  This has to be one of the most scenic rodeos in the world--it is so beautiful there!  Belle was spectacular and we won the rodeo and a cool buckle.  Mom and Bo also smoked one on 'em, winning third.  We had no luck in the team roping and I was too long in the breakaway.

Next we headed to Collbran, CO and West Jordan.  Bo and Mom nearly went all the way down at Collbran.  So I jumped on Twinkie in the roping saddle and it wasn't pretty.  I caught a hind leg in my curl in the breakaway (CPRA rules say slick neck only) and we missed our steer.  At least the drive from Pagosa to Collbran was incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful and we saw tons of deer and a bear on our way there.  (Though I could have done without the bear . . . )

We ended our Fourth with Window Rock, the AIRCA rodeo which was cosanctioned with our GCPRA this year.  What a terrific rodeo!  I won fourth in the barrels and it paid $1300!!!  I was very happy with that, it helped make up for the fuel on the previous trip.  Dad got to go with us and rope but I starved him, waiving it off our steer to be very fast.  Poor guy, we also blew two tires on one side of the trailer en route so he got stuck changing tires and all that and then didn't even get to throw his rope with me.  At least Mom turned him one . . .

Well, I guess that catches me up with the goings-on of the Lautaret crew.  It's been a tough year but also a fun one--we have been to a bunch of rodeos that we had not ever been to before so the variety has been a welcome change.  We had a blast at Tooele and would probably never have gone to it, under normal circumstances, because it crossed over circuit rodeos that we used to go to.  So it's been different, and I mean that in a good way!

Hope you all had a safe and happy Fourth of July.  We are taking a weekend off before going on a ten day run to Colorado and Idaho.

We have some clinics in the works for the fall so check back for finalized dates and locations.  If anyone out there would like to host one of our clinics, email me with details and we'll see if we can make it work.

Best of luck, be safe, be blessed.

take care,



 5/21/2007 2:29:32 AM  


Another fun filled weekend of rodeo action has come to a close!  Sometimes it's just so not glamorous to be on the road . . .

We started off Thursday in Payson at the WPRA All Women's rodeo.  We got rained and hailed on as we drove to get there but the weather was beautiful in Payson, thank goodness.  Mom was the queen of one-out, ending up seventh in both the breakaway and team roping--they paid six, of course.  But she did win the barrels!

I have been struggling with my roping and with my horse, Twinkie.  He is still pretty green in the breakaway and at Payson just seemed to think we were scoring our calf.  Just a little late, like half the arena.  He blew into him great, once we got going, and I roped the calf but we were much too long for the tough roping that it was.  It took a 3.0 to win something.

On the team roping side I roped very well, turning both my steers in the money but both partners had trouble and we ended up with two NT's.  That's team roping--you win lots when not roping all that great and get blanked when you rope terrific!

On Friday I played rescue wagon to some friends who broke down on the way to the Pahrump GCPRA.  It was nice to be on the giving end of saving someone after their truck dies rather than the receiving end.

The Pahrump rodeo was a mixed bag in terms of how I did.  I won the barrels the first day and Belle really tried hard and worked nice.  I won second the next day and she blew very wide off the third, which was frustrating.  Mom won third both days, so she was consistent.

She also split the breakaway on the first day.  She is roping so tough right now.  I missed both my calves, though the first one was not a good draw and it would have been tough to get him caught fast enough to win anything.  The second day I threw the most beautiful horn loop you have seen.  I tried to fish it on as there were so few down but to no avail.

The team roping was ugly.  Just no other word for it.  Twinkie and I are having heck with the scoring.  I broke out on Mom's both days.  The second day it didn't matter since I missed anyway.  Dad and I were sixth on our first one but they only paid three holes.  I missed his second one as well.  The steers were tough and very uneven.  Most of the money was won on the same few.  But I just struggled badly.  Back to the practice pen, I guess.

So that was the weekend, we won just about enough to cover our fees.  Could be worse, could be better.

Not sure what we will do with the coming weekend.  Hope you all have something fun planned!

Until next time, be blessed!

take care,



 5/17/2007 1:40:51 AM  


Well, here we go, it's been a month since I posted.  I don't know where the time gets to but it sure goes fast!

I'll start where I left off last time.  We had a great weekend at Norco and Tucson.  Mom and I both placed in both the barrels and breakaway at Norco and thanks to the high added money, walked out of there with quite a bit of money.  That always takes the pressure off to do well on the first stop of a trip.  We headed out of there for Tucson, which went incredibly well.  Belle really worked great and we won first both days.  That is probably the best she has felt in some time.  Mom rode Bo and also placed high both days.  All in all, a terrific weekend, lots of fun.

We got home Sunday night late and loaded up at 4 AM Monday to head for the airport.  We arrived in Colorado Springs about noon and I spent the rest of the afternoon at our attorney's office.  The WPRA's hearing for preliminary injunciton began Tuesday.  I was a little nervous about testifying, just because I had never even been in court before and because this is so important.

It was an incredibly interesting process to say the least.  I was the first witness out of the gate on Tuesday.  I thought our attorneys did a wonderful job and really laid out a case that was easy to follow.  It sure was sad to sit there and here the evidence of how the WPRA was undermined in negotiations and to see former WPRA leaders whom I used to have tremendous respect for saying things about the WPRA that I felt were untrue and definitely selling our organization very short.  When the PRCA's attorneys claimed in closing arguments that it was the PRCA who brought committees to the WPRA and was basically responsible for all the WPRA's success, and former leaders of the WPRA were agreeing with that statement, I felt like crying.  It was too sad to see our great history denied, the sweat and tears of the women who founded our organization ignored.

I want to say a big thank you to Ardith Bruce, 1964 WPRA World Champion, for coming to the hearing.  She has been a member since the beginning and told us stories about individual members like herself going to rodeo committees and asking them to have the WPRA at their rodeos.  She talked about the strides the organization has made, thanks to the many strong women who have been its leaders and members through the years.  It was uplifting to here the truth told by someone who not only witnessed it but participated, and to hear someone take pride in what the WPRA has accomplished.  Thank you to you, Ardith, for your role in getting the women of rodeo to the place they are today.

Unfortunately, the judge denied our motion for injunction in a short brief in which he referred to the WPRA as the Professional Women's Cowboy Association.  As our attorneys said prior to the hearing, the standard for granting an injunction is incredibly high.  It was a little discouraging but actually has no bearing on the outcome of this case at trial.  We still firmly believe that our case is strong and are proceeding ahead.  Our next step is an eight day trial by jury in late October.

After spending a week away, I came home to a very fat horse!  Belle has always done better with a steady diet of runs, precisely why she is a good rodeo horse.  Unfortunately for me, her brain had gotten fat too and our first run back at the Bakersfield rodeo was not a good one.  Luckily, she ran hard and we were able to pick up a check. 

I want to take a minute to thank the Kern County Sheriffs Reserve Stampede Days rodeo committee there in Bakersfield for supporting the WPRA and keeping us for the barrel race.  This has always been a favorite rodeo of ours and now we just have one more reason to love them!  Thanks for backing the WPRA!

Last weekend we went to a GCPRA rodeo at Shonto, Arizona which is a very small community on the Navajo reservation.  We had never been there before so it was kind of fun to try a new place out.  It is actually very scenic and they have a nice fairgrounds with good ground.  Belle was still not back on her game and ran right over the top of the first barrel.  It actually scared me a little because she hit it so square on.  Thank goodness Mom is roping so well, she won the breakaway and we ended up placing in the team roping, too.  So we made our fees back, which is not bad considering the trouble we had in the barrels.

On Saturday we hit the annual FFA roping here in Kingman.  The arena is actually close enough we could ride to it, if we wanted, which officially makes it the closest thing we go to all year!  While I roped terribly, Mom and Dad won the fast time in the #10 roping.  Since Mom was roping on our paint horse Chloe, that made it Chloe's first roping check!  She is doing incredibly well, this was just her second time away from the house.  Mom has also been breakaway roping on her at home and she is awesome to rope on.  We were hoping she would be ready to start hauling this time next year but I think that timetable is moving up rapidly.  She is doing very well on the barrels, too, so she is really turning into a valuable horse for us.

We are off tomorrow for the Payson WPRA All Women's rodeo.  This is an annual event held the Thursday before Payson's PRCA rodeo.  Unfortunately, the committee decided to go PWBR for the barrel racing sanctioning for the rodeo so we will just be there tomorrow for the AW event.  Over the weekend we are headed to Pahrump for the GCPRA rodeos.

Best of luck to all this weekend, wherever you are headed!

God Bless and take care,



 4/17/2007 11:25:15 PM  


Back at a rodeo, what fun!!!  We had a great weekend down in Cave Creek.  The Fiesta Days Rodeo is always fun, the crowds are great and the committee there has really worked hard on their ground.  It was awesome this year, with new sand mixed in there.

Thank you, thank you to this committee for their hard work and for supporting the WPRA!

We started our weekend off with the annual Cave Creek All Women's rodeo.  Mom and I did great!  We roped fourth and fifth in a very tough breakaway roping, the calves were sure salty.  Then we won the team roping!  Mom also placed third with her second partner, Valerie Howell.

Belle was on her game this weekend.  We won the WPRA race and the open 4D (gotta love those carry overs) on Friday with a 15.90.  Belle had been finishing up her third barrel much cleaner in the past three or four runs but we got a little wide.  Thank goodness she is so fast!

We ran at the rodeo on Saturday afternoon, first and second out.  Belle ran much harder than she had the day before but went even wider off that third.  I wasn't sure what to expect, time wise when I was pulling up but we ran a 15.52!  We won the rodeo.

It was so much fun to be back running in a rodeo, I haven't been at a pro rodeo since last fall.  The excitement and the crowd and the butterflies!  I really do miss that aspect of the rodeo business, the competition.  I remain hopeful that someday I will have the opportunity to make another run for the NFR as a WPRA member, that is the only way I will do so.  Time will tell . . .

On Sunday we went to a big roping right here in Kingman.  They call it the Kingman Classic and it has been happening every year for about fifteen years.  I won a saddle here once.  This weekend was not so good.  Mom and I won the go round money for the fast time in the first go in the #8 roping.  We were 16 on two and only needed to tangle up the third one to probably be high call in the short go.  The steer we drew had little bitty horns that sort of bent back towards me so I thought I would use my head and rope him around the neck, not take the chance of waiving it off.  Well, it sounded just fine until the steer stuck his front leg in my loop.  Sometimes the only thing more aggravating than barrel racing is team roping . . .

 Then yesterday, our mare Diesel had her baby!  Mom is calling the baby Mayday.  She is beautiful, a daughter of Sticks an Stones with three socks and a blaze.  She is Belle's little sis and we think is going to be the same color of brown.  Unfortunately, she is already showing signs of having Belle's attitude--she was nursing and suddenly fired out and kicked the barn wall for no reason.  Just like big sis.  Of course, we are all already in love with the little cuss . . .

We are going on the trail a little this weekend.  Headed to Norco, California on Friday for a big CCPRA rodeo that is co-sanctioned with our regional association here in Az, the GCPRA.  Then back to Tucson for a big, two day WPRA race sponsored by our Az Chapter.  The race is a benefit for Chapter Pres Joanie Cowden who broke her leg very badly at our last race in Parker.  Hope we get a great turnout and raise a ton for a tough lady who has done so much for our chapter and the WPRA here in Az.

I will try to update after the weekend but may not get a chance.  I have to go to Colorado Springs for the WPRA's first hearing next week.  So, I will update when I can but it may be a couple of weeks.

Until then, hope you are all blessed!

take care,



 4/8/2007 8:14:02 PM  


OK so five am was just too early!  We decided to spend Easter at home, which was good too.  Really enjoyed our church's Easter service and the time with my family.  No big deal to miss a barrel race, they always have more!

Hope your day was peaceful and blessed as well.

take care,



 4/8/2007 12:32:34 AM  


Just made it home from Las Vegas.  The clinic went great, we had a nice turnout, met some good people and had fun.  It was hot, though, over ninety degrees.  Thank goodness there was a little breeze to keep it from being intolerable.

Mom and I are just starting to do more lessons and clinics.  While she has been teaching horsemanship all her life and I have been listening to it all my life, I am just starting to teach myself.  I am really enjoying it.  The best part is when a student finally gets an exercise right!  I love to see the sense of accomplishment come over them and the excitement at the possibilities.  The group today all made great strides and improved their patterns just by learning the rail work and skills that we were able to teach them in a six hour session.  It was a good day!

Mom and I want to thank Curtis Fitzgerald and his family for organizing the clinic today as well as Joe (sorry didn't get the last name), Curtis' neighbor who loaned us his arena.  We enjoyed the experience and hope the students learned some things that will help them be more successful in their future barrel racing and riding endeavors.

Now the dilemma--do we stay home and enjoy a lazy Easter tomorrow, after church or do we load up early and head to Buckeye for a big Easter barrel race that is going on this weekend?  Tough call, I guess we'll have to see how we feel in the morning!


take care,



 4/2/2007 12:05:36 AM  


Wow, April already!  Happy April Fool's Day to everyone.  We spent the day at a very nice Arizona chapter WPRA barrel race in Parker.  There was a good turnout and the weather was great.  Just feeling the sunshine soaking into my skin always makes me feel better about the world. 

The last month has been pretty quiet, we haven't been to many races.  We attended the Dixie Classic Futurity and Barrel Race in early March.  Belle and I placed in the 2D the first day and then came back on Sunday and won the whole thing!  It was a very smooth run and sure didn't feel like a 17.1 but that's exactly what it was.  The Dixie is a great race, very well run and they always give a tremendous amount of prizes.  Belle and I finished second in the two day average and won a beautiful headstall.

The race this weekend was our first race since Dixie.  Unfortunately, we got a barrel on Saturday and ran one out of the money on Sunday in the IBRA Open 4D.  But we picked up a 4th place check in the WPRA so that was nice.  Added a little to the total, so far Belle and I are ranked in the top 10 in the WPRA World Standings.

We have been roping quite a bit and that has been fun.  We went to a USTRC roping down in Bullhead City/Laughlin a couple of weekends ago.  We were talking, we have been barrel racing so much that we think that may be the first US roping we have made in several years.  Mom and I made the short round in the #9 but I waived it off the short go steer.  Mom and Dad also made the short go but had no luck either.  But it was still fun, maybe we will try to fit more of those into our schedules.

It has been a little strange to not be rushing off here and there to go rodeo.  The time at home has been a nice break.  I even took a day to spend with my best friend Kristyne at a spa.  That was a first time experience for me and I think I could easily become a Swedish massage junkie, if I could afford to!

We are giving a horsemanship/barrel racing clinic in Las Vegas this coming weekend.  That should be fun, Mom is such a great teacher and we both really enjoy watching people improve and learn.

The week after is the Cave Creek, Arizona PRCA rodeo.  The committee has decided to go with the WPRA for the barrel race so it will be our first pro rodeo of the season.  I can't thank these committees that stayed with us enough for their support, I know it has not been easy for them.  Cave Creek also hosts a WPRA All Women's rodeo so Mom and I will be dragging out the ropes for this one as well.

Well, more soon and hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful, blessed Easter.

take care,



 2/16/2007 10:32:12 PM  


OK, somedays I am a little more than technology challenged!

 Well, I am behind in the news because I have been gone quite a bit.  I will take it from where I left off.

We had a lot of fun at the WPRA Finals though I was disappointed in my performance.  Belle and I had mistakes in both DT runs, costing us penalties that would have equaled checks had we been clean.  The ground was great but a little different for Belle, she was not really liking it for some reason.

By the day of the $100K race, I was just hoping to make a clean run after all the troubles early in the week.  I drew 2nd out, which was good at that point because I could get done early and enjoy the race.  Belle ran a 17.3, we were a little wide off our third barrel, my fault.  After the week we had, I was very happy with it and honestly would take that time anywhere we go.

The race was amazing, one of the best barrel races I have ever seen!  Very exciting, both as a contestant and a spectator.  I can't wait for next year--hopefully I will be a little better prepared and Belle will have the ground figured out better also.  She is such a funny horse about things like that, very opinionated.

I believe the WPRA is making DVD's of the race available, if you didn't get to watch the RFD or webcast on barrelhorseworld.com, I highly suggest you buy a copy.  Or buy one even if you did see it.  So many great horses and great runs--when was the last barrel race you saw with five 16's on a full course!  A couple had barrels down but the times were still what they were.

In the Women's Finals, we just had no luck.  The first night our steer ran very hard and then let up just when I threw.  Somehow I ended up with a front leg so we were behind from the first.  The second night I finally caught one up but Mom had trouble, having to take two loops.  Then I just flat missed the third one.  Too much barrel racing, not enough roping the last couple of years.  That is a New Year's resolution for me, to get back to roping like I was a couple of years ago when Dad and I made our circuit finals roping against the guys.  I know I can do it, I just have not dedicated the time and effort to it that I should have here lately.  Unfortunately, there just are no short cuts in the world of rodeo.

Mom and Flirt, her futurity horse, did well, running their best time yet in the second go.  She made the futurity finals and placed in the average.  Flirt is trained incredibly well with a beautiful pattern.  She is just behind on the adding speed and quickness due to Mom's illness last year.  She is coming around though and will make Mom another stand-out horse, I believe.

We've been a couple of places since the finals, including a WPRA race in Marana last week, which Belle won.  She worked very nice and I think we are finally getting it together.

Earlier this month, I went and worked on a tv commercial for Dairy Queen.  That was a different experience!  They used my calf horse Roanie as the premise of the spot was something about a man dreaming he was roping calves.  I think it will probably be a cute commercial, can't wait to see it.  Roanie did great, she stayed very quiet despite all the big lighting equipment and people scurrying about and the fact that the actor riding her was very inexperienced.  I was proud of her, she kept looking at me like, what are we doing here?  She was cute and they all loved her.  Working on those things is an experience, lots of hurry up and wait.  Belle and I even did "background," though Belle was walking so slow that I don't think we made it into the shot before it was over!  Oh well, Belle will have to figure out a better way to get tv time!!!

That's about where we have been.  Looking forward to the next competition, next weekend.  Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day, I did.  Take care until next time.


 1/5/2007 5:18:50 PM  


OK I said next week and it ended up several!!!!  Sorry everyone.  The time really seems to get away during the holidays.  Hope you all had a happy and blessed season.  Ours was really nice, very peaceful and relaxing.  We spent a couple of days in Vegas, just kicking around, and Christmas at home.  Then I went to northern California with Allan for about a week.  A good time was had by all!

Our Turquoise Circuit Permit Finals barrel race was great!  The turnout was really nice and the weather even held up--it was supposed to rain but the sun was shining.  Kathee Martin, who had a terrific season in 2006, won both rounds and obviously the average.  There were quite a few good runs and I think everyone enjoyed the race.  Thanks to our sponsors, Desert de Oro Foods, Mission Bank, Necessity, and Santa Maria Co-op, we had prizes for all winners in the permit finals, WPRA DT, AW4D open, youth, and senior.  There were also awards for all twenty-nine permit holders who entered the finals.  Thanks to all our help and sponsors and of course the WPRA members who showed up to compete.

We are heading out to the Az Chapter's first race of 2007 down in Phoenix for the weekend.  Our chapter is a truly wonderful organization.  It is open to all WPRA members who live in Az and members earn points at all WPRA sanctioned events.  They give awards to all members, plus top ten for cards and permits.  Their website is awpra.com if you want to check them out!  They put on more than twenty WPRA events each year.

The big excitement is the approach of the WPRA MEGAFinale event.  Mom and I have qualified in the team roping again.  We are really looking forward to competing there--we qualified last year but were unable to go due to Mom's cancer.  So many blessings to count when we nod our heads this year!

Mom also has her paint mare, Flirt, in the futurity finals and I entered up in the WPRA's Richest Run, the race with a $100K to the winner pay-out.  Boy would that be a good time to make a great run!  I think the finals will be tremendous fun, can't wait to get there.

Remember it will be webcast on barrelhorseworld.com!

Hope everyone is having a great first week of 2007!  More next week before we leave for Texas.

take care, jolee


 12/6/2006 2:47:08 AM  


Happy Holidays everyone!  Looks like I am finally back on line and able to update my news.  Thank you very much to the crew at Barrel Horse World for taking on my site after Rodeo Buzz shut down.

 My life since August has been pretty much all WPRA, all the time.  The other members of the Board of Directors and I have poured our hearts and souls into trying to save this association.  I think we have a tremendous future ahead of us, one of which our founding sisters would be proud. 

The Board and several of the top fifteen barrel racers had the opportunity during this crisis to be on a conference call with Billie Jean King, founder of the Women's Sports Foundation and the leader in women's rights in sports.  She told us about the trials she and other women tennis players faced when the men of that sport broke away from them.  Now they are playing for millions of dollars and she let us know that we can do it too!  The key is to control your own destiny, control the business, and create your own opportunities for the women of rodeo.

 That is exactly what the WPRA has set out to do, create more opportunities in addition to the ones that have been there in the past.  Our web site lays out much of this new plan, wpra.com.  We will be having a youth division in the future with its own finals along with the WPRA World Finals.  There will be scholarships available.  We will also award bonuses to the fastest mother-daughter team at the finals.  I think that program will make for great watching and excitement.

While the WPRA Board met in Las Vegas during the WNFR, we had contact with many rodeo committees.  In the past the WPRA has always bought booth space at the trade show with the PRCA's Committee Convention and we have bought badges to participate in the convention so that committees would have access to us.  This year we were denied the right to be there at all and the new barrel racing subsidiary was a part of all the meetings. 

So, several of us went and stood outside the convention hall where all the meetings were taking place and spoke to committee people as they left.  We let them know where we were meeting and quite a few took time to come speak to us.  They wanted clarification from all the misinformation they were getting from the PRCA.  Quite a few committed to having a WPRA barrel race at their 2007 rodeos.  The sum total was that it was very positive, for the most part.

This has been a difficult time for all of us, committee people have been put in the middle as have our members.  The WPRA did not want this, we realized it was a bad move for the rodeo business but we also felt we had a duty to our members to demand justification of any bills we paid on their behalf.  Quite frankly, I believe that if we had been a bunch of men, we would have been praised for our fortitude, for taking a stand, and being savvy business people.

Now many of our members feel they have no choice but to join the new subsidiary.  I sympathize with them, of course, because Belle is finally feeling ready to go again and I was looking forward to making another run for the WNFR like so many others. 

But I also believe that we always have a choice. 

So I choose not to support the new organization.  To me, agreeing to abide by the rules of the PWBR is like taking everything the WPRA worked 60 years for and throwing it all out the window.  To me, no rodeo, including the WNFR, is worth losing my right to have a say in what happens with the barrel race, to handing over all control of the barrel race to the PRCA.  I am a PRCA member and they can't take care of the events they have been handling for years--what makes anyone think they can handle the barrel race?  They take steps to prevent their own members from having any say as evidence by the changes in the proxy vote rules and the fact that there are at least two members on their Board of Directors who were not re-elected by their constituents. 

Everything that has been written by them is insulting to me--they claim we should be "applauding them" for being on the cutting edge of women's rights.  Is that why the women have no vote?  Why their Board has almost no power in the governance of the barrel race?  Why there are three men governing the women on their Board of Directors?

My sincere wish is that the women of rodeo, who are known for their independence and strong spirits, will reject this takeover attempt by not buying their cards in the new subsidiary.  Even a short boycott, a month or two, would turn this whole thing back in the right direction, back toward the women running their own event.  It is difficult to make personal sacrifices for the greater good of the whole.  But our daughters and grand-daughters are counting on us to preserve their association and their event, just as Thena Mae Farr and Nancy Binford and Margaret Owens did for us sixty years ago.

On the personal side of things (which there has been little of since August!) Mom and I are once again hosting the Turquoise Circuit Permit Finals this weekend for all WPRA permit holders in our circuit.  This year's event will be held in Wickenburg, Az at Horseworld Arena.  We have always had tremendous support for this event and we always have a lot of fun too.  I am running Belle, haven't made a run on her since Thanksgiving weekend and Mom has been running her futurity horse, Flirt.

Hope everyone has a great week and I'll update next Monday on the permit finals.

take care,




 11/15/2006 3:29:37 PM  


Hi Jolee.  I think we have your journal fixed now and ready for NEWS from you.  Looking forward to working with you and thanks for the opportunity.  Maybe you can catch us up with what has been going on with you since August when you last signed on.  

 Dave Mattern
Barrel Horse World


 8/23/2006 12:12:34 PM  

 Last Update for Now

I am sorry for not posting in so long but so much has happened in the last month. First, this will be my last post for a little while--Rodeo Buzz has decided to close down its web site, which is how I update. Until I handle the move of my site, I won't be able to update. I promise to try to get this done as soon as I can.

The biggest issue of the moment, however, is what the PRCA is attempting to do to the WPRA. The PRCA Board voted on August 16 to start their own barrel race. The two associations have been in negotiations for about a year.

In a nutshell, the PRCA contends that the WPRA owes them money for programs which the PRCA provides that directly benefit the barrel racers. The WPRA has agreed from the beginning that we should pay our own way but has asked, and was promised through last year's agreement, for a financial analysis to accurately quantify how much we should pay.

WPRA members already pour nearly half a million dollars into the PRCA's Procom Central Entry. We account for about seventeen percent of the entries yet cover about one third of the cost. In addition, we pay around $50,000 per year to the judges and about $70,000 a year into the circuit system through payments made with each rodeo entry.

The financial analysis was promised to us by the first quarter of 2006 and has still never been provided. The WPRA Board is not willing to just pay any number picked out of the air without some justification as to where the number comes from and will not agree to financial terms which would all but eliminate a majority of its members from being financially able to continue to compete.

As some of you may know, I serve on the WPRA Board of Directors and have for six years now. I also hold a PRCA card and compete in their rodeos in the team roping with my dad, who is a gold card holder. I will NOT be competing in PRCA approved barrel races if it comes down to that. I doubt that I will even renew my PRCA membership to team rope. I love the WPRA and feel that such abandonment of our association is a betrayal to all the ladies who came before us and paved the road for all the opportunities that now exist for our members.

WE made the rodeo barrel race what it is today and now the PRCA sees a successful product and wants to steal it from us.

I do not feel good about such a move and do not believe that they can create a better situation for the barrel racers than we have now with sixteen officers and directors who compete and understand our sport lobbying across the nation for us.

If our event becomes PRCA, who will call individual rodeos and make sure that someone is working their ground? Or that they have a safe alleyway set up? How do we know we won't face even more limited entry rodoes, as the PRCA contestants do? Will our entry fee and pay off scales be changed to reflect theirs?  Who will ensure that we are getting equal prize money, as our Board stood up and demanded in the late 1980's? The fact is we already have a group working on our behalf on these and other issues. The WPRA directors do all these things and more already and WE got equal money for our rodeos without help or even support from the PRCA.

The truth is that such arbitrary treatment is what spurred those 38 ladies to gather in San Angelo, Texas in 1948 and form the Girls Rodeo Association. Their purpose then has not changed for the modern WPRA: to promote and protect the women of professional rodeo.

The WPRA members and all barrel racers must stand united on this. We will win this battle and come out better in the end if we do. This is a history making time for the WPRA, I believe. We won't stand for them to stamp out the oldest women's professional sports organization and the ONLY women's rodeo association in the nation.

Please look to wpra.com for the most up-to-date information on this battle. When the time comes, let your voice be heard in support of the WPRA.

Thanks for supporting my site and hopefully I will have a new server lined up soon. take care,



 6/4/2006 2:13:15 PM  

 After taking the Memorial Weekend off, we were back on the rodeo road this week. We ran Wednesday night at Silver City, NM and then drove over to Santa Maria, CA.

Silver City went well, I left winning the rodeo and ended up second, I think. Belle worked very well and has always worked for me in that arena. It is a fun rodeo, there is always a good, loud crowd. We were actually in the slack but they run it with their bull riding and sell it like a performance.

Thursday was a very long day as it is a fourteen hour drive to Silver City from Wilcox, where we spent Wednesday night at a friend's house. It seemed like we would never get there! It has been a while since we did a long trip like that so neither Mom nor I are in shape for it. It was actually a good warm-up for the upcoming Fourth of July run!

We ran in slack Friday morning at Santa Maria. Belle and I ended up 12th, just out of the money for the round. She ran hard but I knew our turns weren't as sharp as we needed. It was a tough barrel race, too.

We came back in the Saturday afternoon performance for our second round. We were able to make a few adjustments and it really showed up in our time--we took three tenths off our first round, running a 17.21. That was sitting second in the round and also second in the average when we left with just twelve ladies to run.

I was so excited with our time and our run. It has been some time since Belle has clocked that fast on a full set. I feel like we are really starting to regain our form, I am finally finding my spots and having patience in our runs and Belle's confidence is showing more and more with each run. I can't wait to get to Reno and the big Fourth of July rodeos!

Hope everyone had a great weekend--more later!


 5/22/2006 11:14:55 AM  


Mom and I had a pretty good weekend. We went to Payson, Arizona for an all women's rodeo plus the WPRA rodeo and then to Willcox, where they had three all women's rodeos.

Payson went well, we were 6.8 in the team roping to win first. It was a fun run to make, Mom really stuck the steer right on the corner. Then we both placed in the DT barrel race.

We were in the slack Friday morning for the rodeo and both made nice runs. Mom outran me by 1/100th of a second! We left winning second and third--she ended up splitting second which bumped me to third. It was great to have both of us do well though.

Dad and I were entered to rope but he pulled the ligament that runs across the top of the foot and is stuck in an immobilizer boot. It's been no fun for him but hopefully we are getting him on the road to recovery and he'll be back in the saddle again soon.

The first day at Willcox was OK--Mom won the DT on Twinkie, she had run Bo at Payson both runs. I decided against running Belle twice on Friday so I turned out my run that night. We had no luck in the team roping.

I rodeo Twinkie on Saturday for the DT and won first with Mom taking second on Bo. She also won second in the team roping with her second partner so it was a good day for her. I missed both of my steers, which really makes me mad!

Sunday I decided to ride Belle in the DT and we were able to take another first. Mom rodeo Twinkie and placed also. Again, bad luck ruled the team roping.

All in all, we did well, though and managed to make a little money over and above the fees and diesel. That is always the goal and not always easy to do. We were proud of all the horses, especially Twinkie who was pulling double duty as the heading horse and barrel horse, for both of us.

We have a little break from rodeo-ing this weekend, looking to take some of the young ones to a couple of jackpots. We head off next week for Silver City, NM which is one of our favorite circuit rodeos and Santa Maria, CA.

Santa Maria holds a special place in my heart because I won it in 2002, running in my pajamas. Not on purpose but because we were running late and would have missed our runs had we stopped to put on jeans and button down shirts. Anyway, it made for a great story, especially since Belle worked awesome and won the first round on that run. We came back the next day in regular clothes and won second in the round so everyone said I should have stayed with the pj's!

On a very sad note I want to send condolences and prayers out to the family of Mikel Moreno who passed away Friday following a long battle with leukemia. There is information on wpra.com regarding where to send contributions and cards so please consider taking a moment to do so.

Hope everyone has some fun planned for the Memorial Weekend.

Take care everybody. Jolee



 5/15/2006 2:40:31 AM  

 Belle was just fantastic this weekend! We went to a big Wrangler Divisional Tour held in conjunction with a Rough Stock rodeo in Victorville, California on Saturday and won second. Then we went to the new rodeo in San Diego and won fifth.

Belle seemed to find another level this weekend which is really ex

citing but I had a little trouble keeping the pace. I am going to have to get in gear to keep up with her! San Diego was held in the Sports Arena, which had a rodeo for many years a while back, and it was a 13-second pattern. It has been a long time since Belle and I have run one that short so it was a little wild, from my viewpoint anyway, but fast. It was nearly a plus-five run as I kicked the first barrel coming around it and it tipped very hard but luckily stayed standing.

Mom did not have any luck, tipping a barrel at Victoville and running just a bit off the pace in San Diego. But it was fun spending Mother's Day together, we got to have a nice lunch at the Olive Garden which was just a couple of blocks from the Sports Arena, before the rodeo.

I feel so blessed to have Belle coming back around, especially after falling at Clovis. We made an adjustment with her shoes, putting her in aluminums in front and she has really been firing ever since. She couldn't be getting it together at a better time with the big summer rodeos just around the corner and the Summer Tour starting at Reno.

This weekend we go to our circuit rodeo in Payson. Dad and I are also entered in the team roping and we've been getting to practice much more than usual so I think we have a good shot to win something.

I'll be heading on Roanie the Good Pony since Twinkie is off for some R&R for a little while. Then Mom and I are hitting four WPRA All Women's rodeos. They are a lot of fun for us and we hope to do well enough to have a shot at making the Women's National Finals, which is a wonderful rodeo.

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and have a wonderful week.


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